[10/2–26/2] Love is in the Air: NosTale Valentine Events

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    Is there someone special you’ve always wanted to confess your love to? Now’s the perfect time. There are lots of loveydovey events and promotions waiting for you during the Valentine’s period!

    Event period: 10/2 til 26/2/2020

    Event: Amora Needs Cupid’s Arrows

    • Help Amora spread the love in NosVille! To do that she’ll need some arrows.
    • Talk to Amora once you reach at least level 50. She’ll explain what she needs to make them. Collect the components and bring them to her!
    • You’ll get the Wedding Costume Specialist Card (one per character) as a thank you.

    Event: Share the Love!

    • Hunt monsters and collect Chocolate, Gift Boxes, and Ribbons.
    • Exchange them for a Valentine’s Day Gift from Eva Energy. Then you’ll have the chance to share your love!
    • If your friend accepts your gift, you’ll get a Valentine’s Day Blessing that grants you extra energy and strength. This temporarily increases your attack and defence power.
    • 1-3 Gifts: Small Valentine’s Day Blessing
    • 4-9 Gifts: Valentine’s Day Blessing
    • 10+ Gifts: Big Valentine’s Day Blessing
    • Now remember, not everyone will want to accept your gifts – but stay strong!
    • Don’t be shy, share your love! You can give someone a present up to 3 times each day.

    Event: Amora’s Missing Wings

    Love can be a double-edged sword. The tragic story of Wingless Amora and her true love will pull at your heartstrings. But you’ll soon feel all warm and cuddly again once you get your new ranged partner as a quest reward: Wingless Amora (one per character).

    Discount Sale: Weddings at Bargain Prices

    Make your dreams come true and pick up a Wedding Box at a 20% discount.

    Just remember not to take marriage lightly – divorce can be a painful experience. To remind you of this, the Separation Letter now costs 20% more.

    This offer will end once the Valentine’s event is over. Don’t forget – you can also get Amora’s Specialist Partner Card in the shop.

    With lots of love,

    The NosTale Team