• Game is over, Mafia Won.

    Okay so i am going to keep this short, no speech. RAGE, MY SOLDIERS! SCREAM, MY SOLDIERS! FIGHT, MY SOLDIERS!

    Anyway, welcome to our special game mafia in which you won't be suspected (Cherish) or killed (Pinkamena) at day 1...maybe?

    As for special roles, well it was 100% randomized, since i don't even have full list of our players, some people from discord wants to remain anonymous about his entry, right Vendetta? So yeah, even i don't know which role Raci or Pinky is going to get, i mean if your doctor manages to get lynched at d1, you can suspect who was your doctor.

    Well anyway, gooooood luck with this game.

    Player list

    NPC List.

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  • Rules

    1. All site and NosTale-specific rules apply here.
    2. You may not quote private communication. This includes Moderator-supplied information (real or otherwise) or any kind and information from Private Topics. You may paraphrase if needed.
    3. There is to be NO personal communication outside of the moderator and Team Mafia approved methods. If someone contacts you outside the game, report it to me IMMEDIATELY.
    4. This game will start with a Day phase.
    5. No ciphers, encryption, extremely small text, or other similar tactics.
    6. If you have the ability to edit, refrain from doing so.
    7. It's your responsibility to read and understand all of the rules.


    1. Aim for one post every 24 hours at a minimum.
    2. After 24 hours of no activity, I will prod the inactive player.
    3. A prodded player has 12 hours to respond to my prod with a substantive post in game, after which time they will be required to be replaced.
    4. A player who has been prodded 3 times will be subject to replacement with no further notice.


    1. Days will last maximum 48 hours.
    2. Nights will last maximum 24 hours.
    3. Extensions may be given out in extreme circumstances and are up to the discretion of the Mod.
    4. If you have a role with a Night action, your action is due to the Mod by the posted deadline. If no action is received by the posted deadline, you may forfeit your action(s). Players with a Night action may submit a "No Action" PM to indicate to the Mod you do not wish to perform your action.


    1. A simple majority of all living players must agree on one person (via voting) for a Lynch to occur (simple majority = ½ # of living players +1, rounded down). If no one has a simple majority of votes at the deadline a No Lynch will occur.
    2. Votes should use VOTE: Tags or be bolded or they may not be counted. Unless we're getting some Margarita help.
    3. Unvotes are helpful, but not required.
    4. You may VOTE: No Lynch - a simple majority (as described above) of No Lynch votes will result in a No Lynch and a move to the Night phase.
    5. Votes/Unvotes should be placed on a line all by themselves to make them easier for everyone to see, or they may not be counted.
    6. Votes in quotes, spoiler tags or otherwise hidden will not be counted.
    7. Votes that look like a vote will be counted as such. Attempts to play games or tricks with this may result in an outcome you do not desire.
    8. Once a player has reached a simple majority of votes no further unvoting will change their fate.
    9. When a player is lynched the game enters twilight until the Mod posts a death scene; all players may continue to post.
    10. If you are killed (either via lynch or night kill) you may no longer post.


    1. This is my color. I don't like to share, so don't use it.
    2. I'm perfect, but there may be an appearance of a mistake on occasion. This is intentional. Please PM me privately to address. I will correct any of these intentional mistakes where possible, but there may be situations that I cannot. Sorry. Be at peace knowing those were intentional as well.
    3. Bold all requests or just tag me, so that I don't intentionally miss them.
    4. Rule violations will be dealt with based upon severity - up to a Modkill - at the sole discretion of the Mod.
    5. Any situation not specifically covered in the above Rules is subject to Mod discretion and will be handled as the Mod sees fit to address. Live with it.


    1. Mafia have daytalk by default.
  • SET UP

    3 Mafia (one is PL)

    1 Werewolf Strongman

    1 Role Cop

    1 Doctor

    1 PL

    1 Jailkeeper

    1 Mayor

    5 Villagers

    The priority list of actions is: Jailkeeper > Mafia PL > PL > Doc/Cop/Mafia Cop > WW Kill > Mafia Kill


  • Chapter 1 - Dawn

    Not voting: Anni, Calvin Coach, Eri Windspear, Eva Energy, Felix Frost, Leika Passage, Lilth, Malcolm Mix, Mimi Mentor, Rect Lat, Slugg, Soraya Style, Teodor Topp, Teoman Topp.

    With 14 alive it takes 8 to lynch.

    Deadline for Day 1 actions:

    February 4, 2020- 10:00 PM (CET)

    You have (expired on 2020-02-04 22:00:00) to discuss and decide on a lynch.

  • Greetings fellow citizen of Nosville Nyaaa~, as I have heard, we have several adventurers who have switched to the evil side. I hope that we can all work together to defeat these villains without any problems! Nyaa~

  • welcome to the brothers upgrade and betting shop! enjoy losing your gear or nosmall your heart out for scrolls hohoho

  • Hello villagers! I am delighted of seeing you again, remember that you will need to add some extra options to your jewelry to fight the evil side. So I want to announce a 5% offer in any of the items on my shop.

    Lots of love :*

  • Good to see you all well, Villagers! For now!

    Together we can make sure it stays that way. For a small fee* I can share with you my extensive knowledge and training in combat, enabling you to defeat the most fearsome of foes!

    *Discounts offered to anyone who suffered an early lynching in the past.

  • Hello to my fellow townspeople. I sell and upgrade weapons and equipment so if you need anything feel free to visit my shop. I have been in this business for over a decade and I am without a doubt the best blacksmith in town so do not be afraid to entrust your hard earned weapons and armors to my hands.