»Legendary« Family

  • Hello everyone !

    I'm the founder of »Legendary« family

    I made this family in february with Horeka and currently our family in top 11 :saint:


    We established this family in February but I don't remember which day, anyway whatever..

    To be honest, I never believed we could come to these days. :)


    I met so many people and I made too many friends thanks to my family

    I'm sorry if I've broken someone's heart so far but..


    I've been had enemies with some families and people of course it was just for fun :) ( at least for me )

    I wanted to share this happiness with you all, Hopefully, we will be getting better everyday.. :saint:

    ~~ I am grateful to all my family who have been with us ~~


    We continue to grow at full speed, Why don't you join us on this fun road? ^^


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  • I would love to join. I was a casual when i played this in my childhood but i want to come back and have fun. How can i contact you?

    My forum name and game name are the same, you can sent note to; Anadolu or create a conversation with me :)