Game Master Applications

  • The Game Team of Nostale EN (US+UK+INT servers) is currently looking for new volunteers to become staff members. So if you can meet our requirements we will be happy to receive your application:

    • You have to be at least 18 years old.
    • You have enough time and you are motivated to fulfill your tasks as a GameMaster. (Around 2 hours a day are expected)
    • You have some basic knowledge about Nostale.
    • You are able to speak and write English fluently and your orthography/grammar isn't too bad as well.
    • You have avoided to receive any bans/mutes/punishments previously.
    • You are able to work together in a team with others.
    • You take confidentiality and reliability for granted.
    • You know the game/board rules.

    If you think that this description fits you feel free to submit your application by E-Mail to including the following information:

    • Real name (first name and surname).
    • Date of birth. (dd/mm/yyyy format)
    • Gender.
    • E-Mail.
    • Country of Residence. (isocode - UK for example)
    • Your (main) character name.
    • Board account name.
    • Discord account name. (If you have any)
    • A continuous text. (which refers to more than just "Question - Answer")

    The application text should explain the reason for your application, tell us a bit about yourself, your previous experience with Nostale or any work in similar positions etc.
    So reply at least to the following questions in a continuous text. (you can also add more information if you'd like to):

    • Why would you like to become a GameMaster?
    • How much time can you invest into this job?
    • Do you have any previous experience regarding this position or a similar one?
    • What are your personal interests?
    • Do you think that you have a good knowledge about Nostale?
    • Did you receive any bans/mutes before?
    • Why do you think that you're qualified to become a GameMaster?
    • What do you expect from the job as a GameMaster?
    • Do you use Discord?
    • Do have a valid passport/ID card or driver's license? (one of those is required, you do not need to send it to us in the application email you are simply meant to have one.)

    Only provide correct information.
    After sending an application you will be informed by E-Mail about our decision / receive further instructions.
    Keep in mind that this may take a while. We are looking forward to receive your application!

    Note: The reasons below are the most common reasons as to why your application may be rejected.

    • Your application does not contain the information mentioned above.
    • You do not meet the age requirements.
    • If you don't have any of the mentioned identification documents.
    • If the application is too short.
    • You do not have enough time.
    • You tried to hide any possible past punishment you may have received.
  • We are now looking for Game Masters again! So we look forward to receive your applications.

    Few words before you proceed.

    1) Make sure to read all of the above post and understand it fully. (Especially the final notes in the bottom)

    2) If you are not mature enough and think the GMs just take shiny stuff and pew pew stuff then this job is not for you.

    3) If you are not an objective person then again not the job for you.

    In short words we are looking for responsible-'hard' working people that have their brain inside their head.

    Moreover if your application is too short or does not answer everything we ask as mentioned above it will be instantly rejected and most likely we won't even send you a rejection email. If you can't take some time to write a proper application then we also not gonna take the time to write the rejection email.

    Keep in mind that sometimes our emails are sent to the spam/junk folders so make sure to keep checking there as well.

    It may take a while for us to send you our decision so be patient.