Forum Mafia Round 2

  • This game has ended. Werewolves (mafias) successfully ate everyone.

    Basic rules

    • Days will almost always last 24 hours. Exceptions made if the town has completely agreed on their targets and don't wish to change their votes. Day will always start after the night ends. Night people have 24 hours to make up decisions and finish with whatever their special roles require them to do. If all night people make up their minds the night can end before 24 hours.
      • To have the most fun, it would be nice if you decide your special role action as soon as possible.
    • The villagers may only talk during the day! If you are unsure when the day / night starts, just wait until the host makes a post about it. It will always be on time! (The thread will get temporarily closed during the night times)
    • You may change your vote during the course of the day as often as you want. First voting will take place on Day 2!
    • If there is a tie the Mayor's vote will count twice.

    Fairness rules

    • Do not harass anyone into straight-up telling you their roles as it ruins the fun for everyone! Doesn't matter if it's on the Forums, or outside of it.
    • You are not allowed to edit your posts.
    • Please stay fair and don't discuss anything outside of the forum (also not in private pms) especially not during the long night times.
    • Dead people should stay dead. Meaning > No conversations inside or outside the game. They will be removed. No talking in PMs either about the game with people which are still alive. You are dead so you should not be talking with anyone or advising. (You could create a PM-Group with all dead people to discuss what is happening) You should also not like any posts.

    Role list:

    Good Team:

    • Villager: Villagers’ sole purpose is to find the Werewolves in their village and lynch them during the day
    • Witch: The Witch may use her power of healing once during the game to save someone attacked at night. She may also use her power of killing once during the game to kill the player of her choice. Both powers may be used on the same night.
    • Bodyguard: The Bodyguard chooses a different player each night to protect (but not the same player twice in a row.) That player cannot be killed that night. He may not choose himself. It won't get announced who got protected the past night
    • Seer: Each night, the Seer choose a player and writes the name to the host, which tells her if the person is a good person or a bad person
    • Hunter: If the Hunter is killed (during the day or night), he immediately fires his weapon at a player to kill them. There is no discussion between his death and the decision who he takes with himself
    • Cursed: The Cursed is initially on the Villager team (and is seen as a Villager to the Seer). If the Cursed is attacked by Werewolves, the Cursed does not die, but instead becomes a Werewolf the following night and from that point on will be seen as a Werewolf by the Seer
    • Mayor: If the voting to lynch a player ends in a tie, the Mayor’s vote counts twice. The Mayor will be chosen randomly, If the mayor dies he get to select the new mayor.

    Evil team:

    • Werewolf: The Werewolves learn the identity of the other Werewolves the first night. All Werewolves must agree on a target to kill, and they can discuss it over the course of the night in a group PM with the host
    • Wolf puppy: The Wolf puppy is a Werewolf, and wakes with them each night. If the Wolf Puppy is killed, the Werewolves get two kills the next night.

    First Mayor: Abaddon


    1. Kacchan
    2. Pinkamena
    3. Naerys
    4. darkness-metal
    5. Cherish
    6. Ruff
    7. 7Days
    8. Vendetta
    9. Abaddon
    10. Baal
    11. Rexxar
    12. Tlacenka

    12 Villagers

    4 Mafias (1 puppy included) [3 mafias left]

    1 Witch

    1 Seer

    1 Bodyguard

    1 Cursed

    1 Hunter

    3 town (1 left)

    Day 1 Begins. (No voting to lynch!)

    First Night

    Day 2 starts

    Night 2 begins

    Night 3 begins

  • we want this day longer?


    lul nah just this day will have extra 30 mins this day ends tomorrow at that time.

    why tho? weren't people complaining so much about "nothing to do" when it was night in last game? what are we supposed to do in this day 1 then?

    Yes you can, the idea is that "same as in real life you cant edit what you just said"


    It is not good to cause confusion in the presence of Confucius.