How to register your IP-Sharing

  • Hello NosPlayers.

    This guide's purpose is to teach you how and when you should register your IP sharing.

    IP refers to Internet Protocol and its an address given to you by your internet provider. Every household has its own personal IP and so all computers connecting through that household will have the same IP.

    Your IP will change if you play NosTale from another household or place. (Internet cafe, vacation, moving houses, visiting your siblings/cousin etc.)

    You have to register your IP sharing when:

    • You play from a public place like Internet cafe, School/Uni network, dorm room etc. The reason is because you cant know if someone else plays NosTale from those public places so better safe than sorry.
    • You visit and play from another house. (Vacation house, Friend's house, etc.)
    • You use a hotspot. (That is not your own)
    • You have friends and family playing from your place.

    What happens if you don't register your IP sharing?

    • You might get banned, even if you are innocent because we will think you are just a multiaccount of someone.

    How to register your IP sharing?

    • Visit our support page here: Ticket Support
    • Open a new ticket with following subject: IP sharing
    • Provide 1 character name from each account you own. Do the same for the extra people that may play from your place or if you play from their place.
    • Include a reason as to why you have to register your IP sharing.
    • If the IP sharing is temporary give us the dates.


    Hello! I would like to register my IP sharing.

    My characters: Char 1 , Char 2 , Char 3 , Char 4 , Char 5 (Note: every one of those characters belong to different accounts.)
    My Sibling's characters: Char 1 , Char 2 (Note: every one of those characters belong to different accounts.)

    We will be visiting my cousin for 15 days starting from tomorrow.

    My cousin's characters: Char 1, Char 2, Char 3, Char 4, Char 5, Char 6, Char 7, Char 8. (Note: every one of those characters belong to different accounts.)

    We all play on the US server. Thank you :D


    Hello I am playing from a public place and I wanna register my IP sharing just to be safe as I don't know who else might be playing from the same IP as me.

    Here is my character: Char 1, Char 2. (Note: every one of those characters belong to different accounts.)

    I am playing on UK server thank you for your time!


    IP sharing is NOT the same as account sharing. Account sharing is forbidden and will be punished with exclusion of the game.