Sp's rework

  • Hello!

    I heard that this month the SP's rework would finally come. Seeing that it does not appear in the update tomorrow, can it be said that it will come next Wednesday?

    Could any member of the staff give us some information about that?

    Thanks :D

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  • I heard that too but if they knew, they would have already shared the info. Probably none from the team would know it anyway (excpect maybe lady sky and aureli but i highly doubt it the know something).
    That being said it's better to wait for the next week to see it ourselves.

    if someone knows i'd be happy too tough

  • if they knew, they would have already shared the info.

    X doubt.

    when was the last time you saw any gm share any info at all?

    uncle is very secretive about info and would never let them do that. the only way ur getting any info is from dataminers or gf social media accounts. and im pretty sure the sp rework came from mining so.. you might have to wait more than a week (or maybe u wont, who knows? well i do, but im not telling you).


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  • Hello :)

    No we cannot share anything just yet and there will most likely not be a general SP balancing next week. Not everything you find on the internet from dubious sources is the truth. ;)
    We and Entwell did mention before that we are working on balancing issues (but did not specify what exactly.) We will also keep working on the balancing an try to figure out a good way to do it. This topic is very complex though and every little detail has to be considered. Just touching one seemingly little thing could easily through off the balance even further in a different part of the game. So we are very careful here and this is still work in progress.

    What may or may not be patched can be taken from the upcoming patch notes for the repsective maintenances and that´s the only valid source. ;)