The flaws of forum WBB5 "upgrade"

  • Update: yet another issue. i cba to explain in details (cus no one cares anyway), but go to an old post (before the upgrade) and look for a link to a thread/post (whether it's from a quote or someone linking a post, although the easiest would be to just find a qoute) click on it, and see what happens.


    Remember, remember

    The 16th of November
    The Multiaccount treason and plot
    I know of no reason

    Why the Multiaccount treason
    Should ever be forgot

  • Hello :) These things have already been forwarded. It might take a while though until issues with the style can be fixed.

    Broken quotes and such are not related to the style, but to the upgrade itself. This is unfortunately something we can´t do anything about.