Improved Rainbow Crystal Battle!

  • Hello once again I am sure you missed those nice feedback threads so here it goes again.catblank.png

    As always make sure to follow those:

    • Be polite / No need to say things in an aggressive way.
    • Do not go into pointless arguments, everyone has their own opinion and that's what we ask here!
    • Provide as many details as you can.
    • Write your thoughts in a clean-easy read way so we can keep track of stuff.

    As the thread title indicates everything regarding the RCB can be written here.
    What you like or what you don't like and why.

    Thank you everyone in advance for taking the time to write and share your thoughts!

    Newly reworked RCB website link

    PS: this is not the place to complain about the summer raid!

  • i think there bug since one of the enemy team had the high score but told me that they lost and only got 1 coins

    Yes , i have won to and it said my team (blue) has won and in chat it said i lost , and i got just 1 damn rainbow coin rip
    and i would like to have more infos about what i gotta do to get active points

    It's me the "greedy" UK fighter

    Hi.I'm UrCandy<3 or Stefan , nice to meet you !

    "People will pay for their behavior at the right time" ^^
    Haters gonna hate =)

  • Although they said rework I don't really see how much different this is from last Rainbow Battle aside from the fact it's not just filled with alts and the prizes aren't useless. So far I went into 1 Battle and I'm already discouraged to join more because:

    - People come in full buffed and when frozen buffs dont' go away
    - People can still pot
    - Winning is a matter of who gets most flags by the last 10 seconds and everything you do until then is basicaly just slapping each other for nothing
    - it is possible to capture points being invisible, if you dont' have any aoe then you cannot stop a scout, even if you do have aoe, scout won't pop out of invis so he still takes the point

    What I think should be tweaked is losing buffs when entering, being unable to pot, unable to capture points while invisible, and make it so people get points for holding points for certain amount of time and not just for capturing the most points at the same time on last 10 seconds so that it's actualy a battle for the points and not just hitting each other to pass 7 minutes

  • In my opinion the point system should be changed to something like:
    Whenever you hold a large rainbow crystal ( the one that in the middle ) you get 3 points per lets say 30 seconds same with medium except 2 points and small 1 point and at the end whoever has the most points wins.

  • and make it so people get points for holding points for certain amount of time and not just for capturing the most points at the same time on last 10 seconds so that it's actualy a battle for the points and not just hitting each other to pass 7 minutes

    This ^
    You can also adopt the battleground system of WoW (Rexxar knows), hence RCB is a battleground like it or not.
    So keep the time 7 minutes.
    Put a goal of 1000 points for each team , the first to get 1000 points win, alternatively if neither team gets 1000 by the end, the team with most points wins.
    How to get points ; holding a crystal for 10 seconds rewards the team that is holding it 20 or 30 points, the value can vary.
    This way every action matters in the RCB and its not just a rush for the last 10 seconds.
    Also, important note, is to also add what Kini said about banning use of pots,invis and losing all the buffs once you get frozen.

    Thank you for all your feedback! We will send it to Entwell in a timely manner! <3

    Isn't it a bit fast tho ? its only 1 day since the thread was opened. XD

  • I'll report what i saw on French board since we don't have any feedback thread yet.


    - It's easy to join this new content.
    - Cool rewards
    - Balanced teams at first sights


    - Potions, Pets & Mates, buff from outside of the RCB available.
    - Easy to farm with alts
    - Easy behaviour
    - Spawn-kill mechanics
    - No ranking
    - Can't tag as team
    - Punks hats can be trade

    And some suggestions, witch are mostly echos of pro & cons :

    - Multi-account must be a behaviour, and added to the game rule
    - Add a safe spot at respawn zone aswell as a "fast regeneration"
    - Changing RCB coins for mithril coins
    - Making hairs un-tradable

    Note :It's not my opinion but a compilation of what i saw on french board.

  • Isn't it a bit fast tho ? its only 1 day since the thread was opened. XD

    Of course I´ll keep an eye on this thread and will add any additional feedback. :D Also the feedback from other communities will be taken into consideration. Just wanted to let you know that the feedback you give here won´t go unheard/unread. :P

  • Also, important note, is to also add what Kini said about banning use of pots,invis and losing all the buffs once you get frozen.

    Don't think it's wise to lsoe buff once frozen though because then the team that wins first battle will always have buff advantage and thus will mostly always win, at least until the enemy buffs are back, and in 7 minutes you only got time to buff twice on sps like wk dg. if they don't change the last 10 second point capture though doesn't matter if ppl lose buffs once frozen or not

  • There is no doubt that is an interesting and enjoyable rework we were waiting for.
    However it is not an amazing improvement, i don't think i will do all rcb now.
    Maybe with other rewards as instant combats i would go more times and it would have more activity.

  • Hi, any chance to avoid having players from the the same family in both team? As a neutral (not hunting or being 'hunted') I am sick of people 'soft-afk' in rcb because their enemy is in the same team.

    More thoughts:

    1. Hide all the players' name (even in the same team)

    2. Allow usage of mount (I know this decrease the interactive part of combat, but like mount is the only way for low-level players to participate)

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  • Personally I don't see the good thing in making Kills to give you points, like please, that can be taken as "Hey go bring 129837 alts, kill them and you got this :D" please, RcB was supposed to be "Strategy" to get the Crystals, not a "go kill everything that produces a shadow"

    Yes, in last 10-30 secs people will go capture everything, but at the same time, that's why you have to PROTECT the crystals your team has and try to capture the others, that doesn't mean only kill, kill, kill, and kill more as a 1IQ Player.

  • Just make it every 4 hours again, it already became alt farming thing, it's not fun because people either bring a lot of alts, or the balancing system (if it even exists) is ridiculous/ or quite random then... :D
    Or just let the people abuse it and have tons of PIRATE pet trainers, idm, free trainers..

  • Hi,

    I'd like to add my feedback on the topic of RCB.

    I like that after the latest changes, players can no longer full pot and there is an action point system in place (not perfect but at least some measure against afkers).
    Now, let me go through some factors of RCB that I think need improvement to ensure that people actually have fun (which is not always the case):

    Initial buffing
    The team spawns apart from each other and they cannot move for a few seconds, by which point everyone buffs the ones nearest him. Maybe consider placing the players near the same position so that they don't have to wait for buff/skip the biggest advantage (as you don't lose buffs when you die).

    The teleporting
    If it is a skill which enables you to go through the "invisible walls" once per minute, seems fair enough. But using an sp like CS or a Seer which can pretty much spam it and go from one crystal to another throughout the map... does not really seem fair in the way the map was built.

    Making the spawning place safer
    It has happened to me before that if one team is weaker than the other, it can come to a point when they camp the other team's spawn, killing them as soon as they appear again. This is not fun for anybody and making the spawn point more secure or not reachable by the other team could help prevent it (at least the original one, not the one you get by capturing the middle crystal).

    The matching system
    This is a big one. You cannot choose your team, you cannot even choose your SP once the raid starts or your team is in a big disadvantage. And if you end up with a team full of low level alts or simply in one which has fewer pvp oriented weapons, you may end up being chased by a group of pvpers through the map -> not much fun in that. There are a few possible solutions to this, including:
    - Make the algorithm look at people's equipment, not just their level (or whatever it looks at). It is their SPs and weapons that make them op, not just the number. A person clv 45 with pve gear might be weaker than a clv 25 with pvp gear for example. (Update: in the current RCB, around 3 clv 45 on one team + around 5 clv 25 or more were against a few 25 and lower, so I have no clue how the matching works, I just know that it does not work :D)
    - This one might be a long shot but imagine this. If people were forced to use a certain SP or weapon provided only inside the RCB, it could close the gap between the levels and force people to use strategies more. Nowadays, usually people don't talk in rcb, do not work as a team, just randomly run around and try to do crystals. If there was say a minute at the start of each raid where you would be given a choice to use a fixed + and job SP and a fixed weapon, people might start communicating, asking which SP they would want, which elements or combinations to use to get buffs etc (since you only get to know your team once you are in).

    The alts
    Also a bit of a thorn in my eye. Imagine you want to cooperate with others and try your best to win and you end up in a team where half of it are alts which only get the minimum action points to get the reward, otherwise do not help you. You become demotivated to win so that you do not help this person with getting multiple rewards (since you can get full moons, pet trainers and other from tokens, this is not just about getting a cool emoji on an alt, you can sell the rewards for a fine sum). It would be nice if this could somehow be limited, so that the people with the team with alts would not be forced to work harder or give up as they did not choose that team in the first place.

    Quitting RCB
    As it stands, if someone quits on you, your team becomes weaker against the other. In an extreme scenario, if people rage quit/log out on you, it is a guaranteed win for the other team no matter how you try. Again, unfair as you did not choose your team.Not sure how this can be solved - randomly switching someone's side if the difference in team size becomes greater than 1 could work but players could become confused about which team they belong to. It is a problem nonetheless, especially in the smaller RCBs where each player matters.

    RCB seems like a nice idea overall, if it only improved a bit on the balance between the teams and forcing the randomly assembled team to use some kind of a strategy to win.