Fatal bleeding / pvp

  • I was pvping a scout as an assassin. After I used a skill called "Slash", my opponent had a debuff on him called "Fatal bleeding". In the description of that debuff it says “Decreases HP and prevents critical hits." If I understand it correctly, this means that he can never inflict critical hits while he has this debuff. Yet he landed a critical hit on me twice or three times even. What am I missing here?

  • it's either bugged or the description is vague on how it works.

    i remember when the old holy buff had "never receive critical hit". but when you had the ranger debuff that makes you "always receive a critical hit" it created a paradox and the whole universe exploded, or at least that's what happened in another universe. in ours, the ranger debuff canceled over holy buff so it would always crit. and as far as i know, that was intended and not a bug. this could be also the case as for how assassin debuff interacts with scout buff, but i have no way of knowing.. im simply stating the possibility.

  • Using another example, I just pvped a DG and he never crit me while being under that debuff. Now, I was either lucky, or does this debuff work after all? Who knows, maybe some SPs and skills are just superior to it.Nevertheless, this bug should be fixed/the description of the debuff should be changed accordingly.

  • Crits in this game confuse me a lot of the time. I will be using a plain attack several times to watch how my crits differ. Often I get 13-15k of what I’d call a “normal” crit, but then I will have a rando 53k crit (still base attack). I think it might be that crits are separated into tiers, and sometimes my crit from my weapon shell is activating on top of what my regular crit is?

    It might be the skill is bugged, or – it might mean that the crit the skill is talking about preventing is a player’s normal crit ability, but if they have a crit shell or a crit increasing item, they can still get that crit if it activates.

    This is just speculation btw, I have no idea how the formula is actually calculated and how items affects the outcome of crit suppression.