daily quest/ secondary quests

  • i learned recently that there was a NPC barni at nosville which gives secondary quests 1 lvl 50 (i started it) and 3 lvl 80 about midgard and i know that some npc i never heard about gives secondary/daily quests.
    here is my questions can someone tells me the lvl,npc of secondary quest/daily quest you unlock during the game that you have no clue they exist if you didn t know it beforehand. or a link or create a tuto about it i dunno ?(

  • There are three kinds of secondary quests:
    1) Everything in act1-3, which you get for example from TS. These are random and depending on your level, you can do as many of them as you want. In the early levels they give good exp, but later on the reward is not that good.
    2) Everything from act5 and 6 (and one or two in act4 I think^^). Some for lv60+, most for lv88 or 89+, there are multiple ones that can be repeated daily. These quests mostly give items that you can exchange for stuff. A list of many of these quests can be found in the German forum.
    3) Side quests given from certain places or items. For example the quests to obtain SP1-4, or the missions you get from the time space stones that drop from monsters. There is also a high score board in Nosville, a quest line in the laboratory, etc., so there are a lot of these around. These quests often give good rewards, like raid seals that are needed to open the raid, or SPs, or Radals rings (needed for a quest and good to sell to lazy people).
    If you are interested in doing these, it would be good to know your level, as most of these quests in part 3) are bound to certain levels.

  • thanks for the daily quest link.
    i already knew for the mini quest you get after a ts, sp, the different time-space pieces and the highscore board.
    i farm castra seals right now
    i already have sp 1to3,pijama,jaja
    the highscore board and quest after every ts don t really interest me.

    i m lvl 59 soon 60 i never have been further in the game,

    is the quest line in the laboratory the main quests for act3 with the seal that doesn t and probably never will have a raid at the end?
    what are Radals rings?
    are there others secondary quest (not repeatable) like the midgards ones from barni?
    are there daily quest act 1-3? (i don t care about aot)

  • I am not aware of daily quests in act 1-3, except the Midgard ones of course.
    Yes, there are quite a few non-repeatable secondary quests in act 5, you should be able to do the first ones around lv75 if I remember correctly (although I would suggest lv85-90, so that you have no problem with the monsters there; as an alternative you could go with some friends).
    The laboratory gives the heart of zenas, yes. It also gives Radals rings (a blue and a red one), which are needed for the main quest. As it takes quite some time to farm the items for these TS and the rings can be sold, some people buy them to quickly continue their main quest.

    The highscore and quest after every TS are more for low levels (1-50 I'd say). There, they actually give lots of gold and experience; but if you are almost 60, they will most likely not be really worth to you.

    What you could try is group TS. You need two friends to start them, but they give gillion stones and lots of reputation (you later need reputation to buy 88 equipment and other stuff).

  • just did the part where you need 99 iron ore in the midgard quest line lvl 50, i xp lvl 60 20% to lvl 60 70% but it doesn t give job xp that s sad :/.
    edit: killed the 5 giant gamecock, same amount of xp (lvl 60 70% to lvl 61 13%) lvl up 1 lvl in less than 1 hour i really recommend it to lvl up combat you can lvl up job later at lod. =/
    i recommend doing it to xp after the lvl 1-55 main quest

    now then anyone as some kind of list with the non repeatable ones or some hidden quests that give that much xp at a higher lvl or gold or stuff like the german list from Nandus?

  • I don't know of any quests that give that much exp higher up, except the main quest later on.
    Maybe the other valhalla quests will also give as much, I would try that. ;)