[CONTEST] Explorer Challenge

  • Hi guys! Have you ever noticed that some maps have little special things that we usually ignore and don't remember at all? Weird spots that could be located in several maps, but only looks the same in one. Do you want to try to explore our maps trying to find special spots all over Eastmile? Take the challenge and receive good prizes!

    Participation and Rules

    We will post a clue, small parts of a map or screenshot, that will allow you to identify the name of the map where it is located. You will need to pay attention to details and check the maps to see which one matches with the things you can see in the image. All clues will be posted in this thread.
    Our team will post one screenshot or clue in this thread everyday at 00:00, which means that you have 24 hours to find the answer and tell us which map it is.
    Since you only have 24 hours to find and send your answer, we'll only accept emails from that day until 23:59 PM (CEST).
    The answer has to be sent via email to event@nostale.co.uk. Always use the same email to send your answers.
    Emails must contain: Character name, server and the exact answer. Always check that your nickname is correct. Also, please try to avoid mistakes in the answer, since one word or number could change your answer to another map.
    You only have one chance to reply, so we won't take in count a second reply if you change your mind about the answer. Think carefuly before replying, you won't receive more points for being faster, except in case of tie.
    The contest will start the day: August, 18 2018 (Saturday) at midnight and will end in the next 30 days after that. If we have a tie, the contest will take longer for the players involved, since we need to do a tiebreaker.
    Maps from Act 6 won't be included in this contest, since people under level 88 can't join those maps. High level raid maps or raids that can't be done in one server won't be included either. In case of Raid or Time Space maps, since they don't tend to have a name other than "map", you can reply telling us the name of the raid or the TS number, anyway these clues are only possible if we find maps that are accesible to "low levels" in both servers, otherwise we would avoid it.
    You can only participate with one character and game account in this contest. If you try to participate with more than one character, you will be disqualified.
    You can only participate with one email. Always send the answer with the same email.
    The answer will be secret until the day ends. Players that tell other people the answer of the day, will be disqualified. Take in count that, the more people that know the answers, the less chances you have to be the winner, so telling other people the answer will only reduce your chances to win.
    In case of tie, we will create an extra clue for the players involved. This is the only time we will take in count the time you take to reply to decide who's the winner. The date and time of this extra clue will be previously announced, so all players have the chance to see the post at the same time. Also, the players involved could ask for a new date and time if the announced one is not possible for them. This will be discussed with the players and the GA/SGMs, if needed.


    1st Place: Onyx wings + Cuby (Pet)
    2nd Place: Skelekat Groom + Magic Bone Drake Chest
    3rd Place: Frost Warrior Costume Set + Magic Jaguar

    If you have doubts about the contest, you can ask in the following thread: [Questions] Explorer Challenge Contest