Bug Abuse Event Raid

  • Dear community,

    Unfortunetly it came to our attention that some of you abuse(d) a bug in the event raid to prevent the boss from attacking which enables someone to finish the boss off by themselves. This sort of intentional abuse is a violation of rules that will not be tolerated:


    §4 Bug Using
    If you find a bug and use it to your advantage you risk a permanent ban of your account(s). Bugs have to be reported to the NosTale staff either by Mail, IRC, Board PM or Support Ticket.

    Therefore if you did abuse this bug to gain advantages you have the chance to turn yourself in until 31st March 2018 6 pm CEST (18:00h CEST).
    Please submit a ticket (https://nostale.support.gameforge.com/en) in this case including the following information:

    • characters names
    • server
    • date and time

    Moreover you mustn't use/sell the items you gained by abusing this bug because they will have to be removed. Therefore please keep everything until further notice if you're involved in abusing a bug.

    Otherwise measures will be taken soon enough.

    If you didn't abuse any bugs knowingly like this there's nothing to be scared of. Just keep in mind that abusing a bug to gain advantage/enrich yourself is generally prohibited.

    Best regards,
    Your NosTale.Uk Team