Specialist Cards, Pve/PvP. 2 sets of skills.

  • So cards should have 2 sets of skills one for Pve & one for PvP, it would make the Sps harder to learn & make it more fun as well.

  • What's wrong with the Skills we already have?
    Each Sp has enough Skills and we have 8 Sp's now (No Fun Sp's counted)
    Some Specialists are better for Pve and some for PvP.

  • What skills do you use in act 4 then? Do you have to switch between skillbars everytime you want to swtich from farming mobs to farming players?
    What about Cali-raid?

    It might be maybe an idea for the arena, even though here I personally agree with Retix that we don't really need more skills for everyone, but outside of the arena I don't see how this should work.
    Of course, if you have already thought of that and have ideas how to make it work in act 4 for example, please let us know. :)

  • Well I am not saying it is the best idea but I am just throwing out ideas that may be cool for the game aha :p, I haven't thought about Act 4 or anything about that, I just thought it would be nice but yeah I see how act 4 could be a problem with switching from pve skills to PvP xd

  • I think adding additional skills for a PVE and PVP skill set isn't feasible primarily since its future ramifications are too unknown:

    • By adding more skills you present the possibility of altering skill sequences/combos, meaning a SP may become better or worse in PvE and PvP
    • How are developers going to come up with 10 new skills per sp, so overall 240 new skills for every sp in the game (besides pj, jaja, chicken, etc.)

    The thread can be open for more opinions, but I think its looking bleak as a suggestion....xD