Nostale & YouTube.

  • I was thinking how NosTale should be more involved in YouTube & promote it on their game like other games do & they should post videos about the new stuff that they release like mounts,wings,sound, new items or maps, pets, they could also make Montages & a place for the people who created Nostale Content it would make more people want to start making NosTalr videos & promote the game for free or even have an in game recording system so people can capture moments that they wish they could have. You could have a reward system for the funniest moments, best PvP moments ect. It would really freshen up the game & make it stand out even more. I am an active member since 2006 & I want nothing but the best for this game. I think it could be a good idea, let me know what you think.

  • they would but they dont have access to their own youtube ch from what i was told a while back when raising question about their ch, no log in id or pw for the accoutn is known to them lol