• Hello, Hello dear Nostale-Team,

    I am currently wondering about one thing. Aren't commends supposed to be reset at the beginning of every month? How come some people still have their last month's commends and others don't? Mine for example reset on the US server, however a player who had 120+ commends still has all of them. How can that be? I am not trying to be nitpicky but it takes away the fun of competing and gathering commends (well - I didn't have that many to begin with but I hope you understand what I mean). How come only players with high commends get to keep them, in my opinion that's unfair. Is this a known bug or can you reset it manually? I am pretty sure they're supposed to reset.

    Sorry for my rambling but this really bugs me out as I want to have a fair chance to gather commends too and get a chance at that "Top 3" Box. :saint:

    Thanks in advance

  • sup,
    guess you're talking about me...
    yeah i still got my 119 commends, but i didn't got reward box for this month^^

    Yeah exactly. I mean the box isn't worth it in the first place (I got it once and it gave me 50x 300-HP Potions) but I don't get why it didn't reset for you or one of my familymembers while it reset for me? It's kinda unfair. Well like I said, essentially commends are useless but why did it not reset for everyone then. .-.
    Sometimes I just don't understand some bugs in Nos.

  • Hi guys,

    we are aware of this issue and are already investigating about it, please be patient :)

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  • To be honest this is one bug I do like. Rather than receiving a noob reward I prefer having a blue name forever :3
    Yes, I am one of the affected users and I like it. I did send a ticket however, along with Kacchan :p