Forum Rules

  • 1. Account

    • Every user is allowed to register one forum account. Multiple accounts are not allowed and can be permanently banned.
    • If you have more than one account running on one IP (Familiy, friends), please report this to our support system:
    • The account name must consist of Latin alphabet letters.
    • If you already have a ban on your account, it is not allowed to create a new account.
    • If you wish to change your name, please contact us here: Changing your forum nickname
    • Using anonymisation services to encode your IP is not allowed.
    • Using throw-away email addresses is not allowed.
    • Your account belongs to you and you are responsible for the content posted from your account.
    • It is not allowed to post for users with a banned forum account.
    • It is not allowed to impersonate a Staff Member. This includes Names, Avatars, Signatures etc.

    2. Behaviour

    • The language for this forum is English. Using other languages can cause a warning or temporary and permanent bans. The RU forum areas are exempt from this rule.
    • People visit this forum for fun and information, be respectful to all users and staff.
    • No thread may be started with the intend to shame other players. Making lists with players that don't follow the rules, quit raids etc, the so called "name and shame" threads.
    • Posting contents and links of pornographic, politically or religiously extremist, moralistic dangerously, advertising and/or offending applicable law is not allowed. This includes keys, hacks, cracks or other things of illegal nature, including illegal download pages and "warez", and includes discussion of these issues.
    • Posting of any personal messages or discussions, without the consent of all involved parties, is forbidden. This clause applies to all Nostale or non Nostale systems of communication such as, but not limited to; private messages, MSN or IRC.
    • Inappropriate language and cursing. This includes the use of abbreviated vulgar language, including *** or other censoring in place of vulgar language.
    • Discussing bans: Discussion and Requests concerning warnings or banned Users in game/ on the Forum/ on IRC. Each Staff member has to sign an agreement not to hand out sensitive information of users and can be fined if giving out such. Please get in contact to the staff member who warned/ banned you via PM, IRC query, Email or our support system:
    • Misuse of the report button. This means to click the button although it is obvious that there is no breach of Forum Rules.

    2.1 Insults, Flaming, Trolling
    Following behavior is not allowed:

    • Flaming: Contents, links, user names etc. with the only aim to flame and insult other participants of the community.
    • Trolling: Posts solely intended to annoy other people or incite flames.

    2.2 Spam and Offtopic
    Following behavior is not allowed:

    • 1-word posts are not appreciated, unless they answer a posted question or contribute to the discussion. Any forms of acronyms such as: ICU, BRB, LOL, ROFLMAO, will be considered one word. Smiley does not count as a word.
    • Backseat Modding (when a User posts like a mod, e.g saying (when not being the Thread Starter) as the only sentence or smiley “Thread closed”. Or where the post says nothing aside from "you posted in the wrong place" or something similar)
    • Posthunting (when a User posts with only the intention to get a higher postcount)
    • Bumping (posting in threads with the sole intention being to push the thread onto the first page of the board) is also not allowed.
    • Double posting(posting twice in a row in one thread) will be considered as spam and warned accordingly.
    • No more than 5 pictures may be placed inside any single post.
    • Spamming of emoticons.

    This apply to whole board, however Spam/offtopic section may allow some of these "points"

    2.3 Advertising

    • Contents which advertise or link to games not owned or run by Gameforge AG. The same applies to so-called Thief Games. Those are games which have the only aim to get counts by clicking on a link.
    • Simply stating a brand name is allowed.
    • Accounts that exist for advertising will be permanently banned.

    3. Signatures

    • Signature Pictures may not exceed the following measurements:
      Height: 150px
      Width: 450px
      Datafile Size is always below: 100kb
    • Signature Text may not exceed the following measurements:
      5 lines in 8 pt
      4 lines in 10 pt
      3 lines in 12 pt
      2 lines in 14 pt
      1 line in 18 pt
    • Anything that is used as an exploit to circumvent the rules, means posting at the end of the post siglike pictures, is not allowed.
    • Animated signatures are allowed if they’re not distracting.

    4. Measures
    The Team is authorized to hand out sanctions. Depending to severity of the offense the following measures may be carried out:

    • Friendly tip to follow the rules
    • Verbal warning
    • Official warning
    • Temporary ban of the account
    • Permanent ban of the account

    After receiving a third warning an account may be banned up to 2 weeks, in extreme cases longer. The circumventing of the ban by registering a second account is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban of both/all board accounts. An account may get banned permanently if the user again receives several warnings after the account was unlocked. In extreme cases it is possible a user gets banned without having several warnings.

    Forum Staff and User Responsibilities
    Each Forum participant has to obey to the Rules. If you feel though to be warned unfairly, first contact the Moderator who warned you. If you are not satisfied, contact his/her Super Moderator (Teamstructure). Then you can contact the Board Administrator. The Board Administrator's decision is final in such cases. The same applies if your Topic gets closed. Please do not open several threads on the same topic and try to use the Search feature.

    Additionally to the forum rules, there may also be special sub-forum section rules. Please read sticky posts in each section before posting.
    Administration reserves the right to change these rules at any time. NosTale and all other Gameforge games are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Gameforge 4D.

  • updated again as we are going to be sharing a forum with the Steam release of the RU version so it was necessary to add in that they can use Russian in there area of the forum.

    kitcalie wrote:

    2. Behaviour

    • The language for this forum is English. Using other languages can cause a warning or temporary and permanent bans. The RU forum areas are exempt from this rule.