Information about the closure of the NosFire servers

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    Dear NosPlayers,

    We would like to remind you that next Tuesday, the 28th of May, the NosFire event servers will close their gates. Players who reached the 700 Battle Pass points reward can select the target server they will be moved to once the event ends. Please select your server as soon as possible, as it won't be possible to do so on Tuesday. Additionally, if you have the warehouse unlock item from the Battle Pass, please use it in advance to select the 10 additional items you want to move along with your equipment and items mentioned in the FAQ.

    We also want to inform you that players who have reached the 6th step of the Battle Pass (a total of 300 Battle Pass Points) will be able to keep their characters, which will be automatically moved to the INT-Valehir server on Tuesday. All items that your character currently has equipped (in the P window) will be automatically transferred, including costumes, specialist card inventories, and active mall items such as Inventory Expansions or NosMerchant Medals. Everything else will not be transferred.

    All other characters that did not reach step 6 of the Battle Pass will no longer be accessible after the event ends. For all the details on rules and restrictions for transferring, check out the official FAQ on our forums.

    Enjoy the last days of NosFire and have fun playing!

    Your NosTale team