Server Launch Maintenance - 25/03/2024

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    Hey NosPlayers,

    on Monday we will have a server launch maintenance.

    When exactly?

    Monday, March 25th 2024 starting at 9:00 CET. Our gameservers, as well as some of our services, will be unavailable during that time.

    What is being changed?

    • Easter Event starts (more info on Monday).
    • [Bugfix] Act 9 didn't have background music.
    • [Bugfix] Is in Love title no longer displays (Limited) at the end.
    • [Bugfix] Sometimes, TimeSpaces were incorrectly counted as completed.
    • A new effect has been added to the buff Floral Umbra from the Floral Weapon Skins: "When carrying out a basic attack, you have a 10% chance to execute a second basic attack dealing 50% damage".
    • NosFire exclusive patchnotes:
      • A new Battle Pass starts, with seasonal quests only.
      • Your character will start with level 80 and job level 20. When choosing your class, your job level will be automatically set to 80. Martial Artists will start already with job level 80.
      • After choosing your class, you will receive fairies, resistances, level 80 starter gear, Champion level 10 gear, Champion level 25/28 gear (upgraded to +7 with rarity 5 and fixed shells, all of them bound to you) and Specialist Cards 1 and 2 with job level 50 and upgraded to +5. Martial Artists will receive their first two Specialist Cards too right at the start.
      • All skills and passive skills will be learned automatically after choosing your class.
      • Your quest progress will start in Act 4 and all TimeSpaces below level 80 will be marked as complete.
      • Instant Combat and Rainbow Crystal Battle will be available starting at level 85.
      • You'll be able to create group TimeSpaces up to level 99.
      • Arena of Talents will be deactivated.
      • Gold is removed from Martial Artist Specialist Card 1 and 2 quests.
      • Act 5.1 quests Gold is reduced.
      • TimeSpace level 73 is increased to level 85.
      • Teleport and shipping costs are removed.
      • The Gold required for the Specialist Cards 3 and 4 is reduced to 250.000 and 750.000 respectively.
      • Glacerus, Lord Draco, Laurena, Fafnir and Yertirand raids require at least level 85 to enter.
      • You can craft automatically Mother Cuby, Ginseng, Dark Castra, Giant Black Spider and Massive Slade raid seals.
      • The second pre-rooms of Valehir, Alzanor and Asgobas raids have been removed.
      • Warehouse is removed from all NPCs and crafting recipes.
      • The level requirement for the One-Horse Bronze Token is reduced to 80.
      • The following maps have been copied 5 times per channel (6 in total, 5 copies plus the original):
        • Hell's Ruins 2
        • Ancelloan's Will 3
        • Spirit Forest
        • Olorun Farm
        • Beast's Lair
        • Polluted Path
        • Polluted Forest
        • Eastern Skytrail
        • Lakeside Gorge
        • Ice Dungeon
        • Gorge Path 3
        • Dragon's Lair
      • Gold price of the starting equipment is reduced to a minimum.
      • Gold and Silver Coin Traders in Act 5 have changed recipes, the amount needed is reduced and you'll be able to craft the level 85 equipment and Ibrahim's Golden Key directly.
      • Specialist Card 10 TimeSpaces and Sky Tower TimeSpaces are reduced to level 84.

    Please note: some of these adjustments may not be visible (like level requirements), but they are functional.

    The NosTale Team