[Part 2] English typos that can be easily fixed in NosTale

  • Hello, since my previous batch of English localization issue got fixed, I gathered a new list of typos that have yet to be fixed:

    Localization Bug 1.
    When whispering to someone in another channel, the system message should read "Message sent to [player] in channel x."

    Localization Bug 2.

    When fishing, you have a chance to catch this box with a ridiculously long name.

    Small Completion Gemstone Random Box

    Removing "Random" should fix the issue.

    Localization Bug 3.

    This button makes you share your point of return with your teammates.
    It could be changed to "Share point"

    Localization Bug 4.

    When right-clicking on any SP, the Initialization button has its text overrunning its box.

    Change it to "Initialize" instead, and it will look much cleaner.

    Localization Bug 5.

    These two lifestyle specialists claim they're "brand new" in their descriptions.

    The Chef SP came out in the summer of 2021, while the Angler SP came out in November 2020.

    Just delete that line.

    Localization Bug 6.

    The family management menu has this ugly truncation. Change "Profession" for "Class" or "Job". It's more accurate and it's shorter so it fits in there.

    Localization Bug 7.
    These lines are way too long and don't fit in their boxes. They have a 50 char limit. My suggestion: 1. "Who should be dismissed from the family?" 2. "Are you sure this member should leave the family?" Also, the titles should be "Dismiss player".
    For the third one, it should be: Enter the name of the player you want to invite.

    Localization Bug 8.

    When using a Speech Bubble. Change it to "What should the Speech Bubble say?"

    Localization Bug 9.
    Happens both in Card upgrade and Perfecting the SP: This button should say "Start Upgrade".

    Localization Bug 10.

    This overlap in the Battle Pass menu. Change it to "Reward claimed." or "Reward received."

    I'll post the rest as a reply to this thread.

  • Localization Bug 11.
    The button should say "Receive". Buttons should use present tense.

    Localization Bug 12.

    Happens when you try to go to a friend's miniland that's in another channel.

    Makes no sense! Should be:
    "Your friend is in another channel." or "Your friend's miniland is unavailable."

    Localization Bug 13.

    AFTER you find and open a sealed key, this message pops up.

    It should be something like "The Sealed Key was found!"

    Localization Bug 14.
    This character should be replaced by an apostrophe. Appears when you're trying to convert somebody else's item into yours.

    Localization Bug 15.
    Again, apostrophe should be used. Also the button should say "Convert".

    Localization Bug 16.
    Should be changed to: "Time left until the boss room opens:".

    Localization Bug 17.
    This text appears when you enter Enchanted Pathway for the maze quest at level 40. There is no Korrkoaren anywhere in this quest or the map! Someone should investigate this.

    Localization Bug 18.
    This I tried to get it fixed in part 1. "there" should be "their". This is the very first dialogue you see when creating a new character.

    Localization Bug 19.

    The parcel menu and message mentions the "Others" inventory, while it's talking about "ETC".

    There's no such thing as Others inventory.

    Localization Bug 20.
    Text too small in the combining gloves & boots menu.

    Got a few more.

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  • Localization Bug 21.
    "During" needs to disappear from that sentence.

    Localization Bug 22.
    Should be "it's".

    Localization Bug 23.
    Here it should be "its" instead.

    Localization Bug 24.
    Missing "s" at the end of "points".

    Localization Bug 25.
    This is hard to read. Maybe the font can be changed to white? Or move it down below the chests.

    Localization Bug 26.
    Happens in TS 37. is way too long and it gets cut at the end. Also "as any monsters" should be "as many monsters". Change it all to "Eliminate as many monsters as you can within the time limit."

    Localization Bug 27.
    Pride doesn't exist in the game as far as I know. It should be Dignity. Left this for last as I'm not 100% sure.

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  • Found a few new bugs that I thought were important since I posted the original thread:

    Localization Bug 28.
    When hovering over this icon on an enemy, the text "Not tameable" shows up. This is not the right word in this context. In the game this icon activates after you catch the monster, and then it says "tameable"... It should be "Trainable" or "Not trainable"... tame is when you domesticate a wild animal. It is confusing since every single monster you see in the wild says it's "Not tameable", while you can use the Tame skill on them with no problem.
    Please change these to "Trainable" and "Not trainable".

    Localization Bug 29.
    Combination should be Combine.

    Localization Bug 30.
    There are many overlaps and typos in the Game configuration menu, under the Other settings part. They should have a maximum of 17/18 characters per line.
    Find my suggestions to the right of the = sign

    PartyBlock = No Party Invites
    FriendBlock = No Friend Invites
    ExchangeBlock = No Trade Offers
    Speaker/HeroBlock = No Speaker/Hero
    Get up immediately = Click to get up
    HP status gone? = Hide HP status
    Hat Is not visible = Hide Hat
    Toggle CD = Toggle CD

    Family Block = No Family Invites
    WhisperBlock = Block Whispers
    MouseTrap = Mouse Trap
    Block ML invites = Block ML invites
    Smileys gone? = Hide Smileys
    Buff seq. gone? = Hide Buff Seq.
    Lock UI = Lock UI
    Toggle HP = Toggle HP

    Also please capitalize the menu's title and button to "Game Configuration" to be consistent with the other buttons and menus.

    Localization Bug 31.
    A small one but it would be aesthetically pleasing to fix:
    Channel list should be capitalized as Channel List like the rest of the windows titles.

    Might post more replies as soon as I see more bugs. Thanks for reading :)

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  • Update: NosTale's twitter account replied to me and said they'll forward these to the LOC team! Meanwhile, I found some more, I might have to repost these later if they already took my previous bugs and forwarded them already, we'll see:

    Localization Bug 32.
    This message appears when the Boss room is already open. And it will close in x minutes.
    Change it to "Boss room is open. Closing in:"

    Localization Bug 33.
    This button should say "Decide".

    Localization Bug 34.
    Happens when you reach 100% Agility on your partner and you try to teach them a new skill for their Specialist.
    Change it to "Learning a new skill..."

    Localization Bug 35.

    This NosBazaar category should just be "Mount".

    Localization Bug 36.
    Typo. This should be "lose". Loose means not tight.

    Localization Bug 37.
    Unless this is a stylistic choice, this should be "my".

    Localization Bug 38. Last one for a while.
    Missing letter in Duke. You can see the correct spelling in the item's name.

    Hopefully these will all be fixed soon. Most of them have been there since the release of the game. I'm totally planning on doing another thread some time in the future, since my first one got fixed, and this one has great chances of being fixed as well. Thanks for the support!

  • Thank you for all the reports (did not check your last post yet)

    But some comments to the ones from your first posts.

    We are not changing the "Familydismiss" - as this is also the command when you write it in the chat.

    The other sentences are going to be shortened =)


    As this text appears at a lot of occurrences we are leaving it as is.


    This needs to be forwarded as game bug in another section. Localization is not able to tell when the text appears and when not - this needs a dev to be handled.


    The "other" is inserted here using a variable in the text. So this is also nothing the translation itself can fix.

    A dev would be needed to change what is shown here - you could try reporting it in the bug section.

    Bug20 and Bug25

    This is a graphics issue and is not a result of the text/translation that is shown here. So also something localization can not do anything about =)


    Checked on this one with QA and they think it is OK the way it is and we are not changing it - it would also need to be adjusted a little from dev side and we think there are more important topics for them than this ;)


    We are slightly going to adjust this one but we can not follow your suggestions here.

    Those are combined strings (one with either "Family", "Party", "Friend" and the second one with "Block") and would need dev support to be changed ... and I guess they have more important topics ...

    But we are at least going to add a space in between to make it a little easier on the eyes.

    For those I did not mention we are going to implement some changes =)

  • Hello! Thank you for taking the time to go through them! The bugs in my first thread got fixed thankfully, so no need to check! The only ones that didn't get fixed from the first thread were the one I put as Bug 18 here, and also a typo in TS 5 where "breathe" was spelled as "breath".

    I understand your points, I worked in localization myself, so I know loc can only do so much with the strings. :)

    Just one mention, for Bug 30, I understand there are multiple strings used per row. From my estimation, one row can only fit 17-18 characters, please keep that in mind so as to not create overlaps with the checkboxes. For lines like "HP status gone?" These I imagine can be rephrased to sound better in English. That's where my suggestions could hopefully help a bit. At least remove the question mark at the end.

    You know, I really like this game so all my reports come from a place of wanting to improve the players' experience. :saint:
    A good localization shows a game's soul in my opinion.

    Thank you again for taking the time to work on these! Can't wait to see them in game.

  • Bug 35

    This string is used in other places at the game as well. Because of that we are not able to change it.

    Devs would need to implement a new string to be used here ..

    Rest was added to another task to be fixed - can not promise you a specific date/time when it is actually updated ingame.

    For new reports, please start a new thread - makes it easier

    And again, we can only do that when we have time and the resources - just because we fixed those now in a short time frame after report does not mean we can do that all the time.