Patch monsters race and relevant systems

  • Problem

    The game initially designs so that every monster belongs to a race. It is obvious that the (low-level and high-level) monster is the "default" race; that is, any monster who does not belong to the animal, plant, etc., race will fall into this race. This dominant number of monster-race monsters introduces problems:

    • The "Increased damage to monsters" shell effect has a higher value than the higher-tier effects ("Increased Damage to Undead", "Increased Damage to Lower Society Monsters")
    • As new content is added to the game, new races are also introduced e.g., Dragon, etc. However, these updates never properly propagate to the old content; for example, Lord Draco and Greedy Fafnir, who is obviously dragons, are still monster
    • Even though the game tried to provide a new system (titles and runes) to compensate for the outdated shell effects, there are still uncovered races, such as spirit, Orc, Elf, Draconian, etc.
    • Moreover, some bosses, monsters, or NPCs are strangely categorized into a race that mismatches their lore or, in my opinion, their appearance; for example:
      • Zenas and Erenia, goddesses of Angel and Demon, are monster
      • Twisted Spirit King Kirollas is a monster
      • Evil Overlord Paimon, who is described in the story as a Demon, is a monster
      • Smouldering Lava Stone and Strange Stone Statue, which is a non-living object, is a monster
      • Barni's Soul is a Human being


    • Reconsider bosses, monsters, or NPCs races with up-to-date content based on the lore of the game
    • Add value to the higher-tier effects; for example:
      • "Increased Damage to Undead" may be extended to "Increased Damage to Undead and Spirit"
      • "Increased Damage to Lower Society Monsters" may be extended to cover Human being,Orc, and Draconian
      • The developers might want to consider removing the "Lower" term, as it is 2023, and we should no longer be racist :P
    • Ultimately, the multi-race system is recommended. Because the single-race system limits the balancing flexibility and designing creativity, for example, if the developers decide to add the Insect race into the game, the question will arise for Dragon Bee should belong to the Dragon race or the Insect race