Writing Contest Winners!

  • Hello NosPlayers!

    Over the past few weeks, we’ve been inundated with your exciting storylines. Thanks to everyone for sending in your amazing and creative ideas! Reading through them all, we’ve hardly managed to get any work done, and some of your writing talent has really bowled us over!

    Today we can finally reveal the winners!


    Here are the authors behind the best stories:

    • 1st Place: Fluffypaw - INT-Valehir
    • 2nd Place: Poopa - EU-Dragonveil
    • 3rd Place: »Moonstone« - DE-Alzanor
    • 4th Place: «Sin» - DE-Alzanor
    • 5th Place: Bennett•D•Zero - EU-Dragonveil
    • 6th Place: Tirylee - DE-Alzanor
    • 7th Place: -Xayah- - DE-Alzanor
    • 8th Place: Herondale - INT-Asgobas
    • 9th Place: Kaleinyo - FR-Cosmos
    • 10th Place: Federaikou - EU-Dragonveil


    The winners will be awarded with the following:

    1st to 3rd

    • ‘Wordsmith’ Title
    • Baby Panda
    • Retro Wings in their colour of choice

    4th and 5th

    • ‘Wordsmith’ Title
    • Crystal Wings

    6th to 10th

    • ‘Wordsmith’ Title
    • Onyx Wings

    All other participants receive 2 event chests. The prizes will be delivered directly in the game over the coming days.

    Thanks to everyone who participated!

    The NosTale Team