Chinese New Year: Mimi Needs Help

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    From 18th January till 1st February 2023, mysterious New Year Rabbit are causing trouble in NosTale’s Chinese New Year festivities. They played a nasty trick on Mimi Mentor and stole some precious things from her. Help Mimi by finding her stolen items and earn yourself a New Year’s Gift Box.

    How it works:

    • Talk to Mimi Mentor.
    • Travel around the world of NosTale and defeat monsters. With a bit of luck, one of these New Year Rabbits will appear (excluding Instant Combat, raids, Time-Spaces, Glacernon, Land of Death and Land of Life).
    • The thieves won’t defend themselves and can be beaten with just five blows, but make sure those pesky good-for-nothings don’t slip through your fingers.
    • After every blow, each of them will drop one of the following items:
      • Gold
      • Golden New Year’s Carrot
      • Tasty Carrot Snack
      • Stolen Gift Bag
      • Stolen Lucky Charm
    • Return the stolen goods back to Mimi and you’ll earn a New Year’s Gift Box.

    The New Year’s Gift Box may contain the following:

    • New Year Tiger
    • Cute Bunny
    • New Year Lucky Pig Bead
    • Bushtail Costume Scroll (Event)
    • Golden New Year’s Carrot (Event)
    • Fresh Carrot Juice (Event)
    • Tasty Carrot Snack (Event)
    • Playful Bunny Costume (Permanent)
    • Adorable Bunny Costume (Permanent)
    • Playful Bunny Ears (Permanent)
    • Adorable Bunny Ears (Permanent)
    • March Hare Costume (Permanent)
    • White Rabbit Costume (Permanent)
    • March Hare Hat (Permanent)
    • White Rabbit Hat (Permanent)

    A Mysterious Bunny

    If you’d rather not face the mysterious Black Ink Rabbit in battle, then tame him as your pet from the NosMall during the event! He’ll support you in combat with various powerful effects and buffs.

    Good luck on the rabbit hunt!

    The NosTale Team