Weekly Maintenance - 14/12/2022

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    Hey NosPlayers,

    tomorrow we will have our weekly maintenance.

    When exactly?

    Wednesday, December 14th 2022 from 9:00 until approximately 11:00 CET. Our gameservers, as well as some of our services, will be unavailable during that time.

    What is being changed?

    • New Specialist Cards will be added to the game.
      • Swordsman: Dragon Knight (Light), Archer: Blaster (Fire, Mage: Gravity (Water), Martial Artist: Hydraulic Fist (Shadow)
      • The corresponding quest can be accepted at Ain.
      • Required level: 90+10; recommended level: 90+30
      • After completing the quest, you will receive the corresponding Specialist Card for your class.
    • A new raid will be added.
      • Required champion level:30
      • Required participants: 10-15 players
      • The raid contains 2 lobbies and a boss room.
      • Boss: Weak Asgobas (Fire Element)
      • The raid can be entered 5x per day.
      • The chance to get r6-r8 raid boxes is increased significantly. Raid boxes are not tradeable.
      • The chances to get SP10 Perfection Stones from these raid boxes, as well as the number of stones, is significantly increased.
      • You’re guaranteed to receive a Perfection Stone upon completing each raid.
    • The Winter Event will be activated.

    Further changes:

    • When carrying an SP10 Specialist Card, you now receive a permanent buff that increases your base stats (attack, defence, element, HP and resistances).
      • This change is intended to compensate for the new SP10 specialists’ lack of perfection at release. These stats roughly correspond to an SP with 80 Perfection Points.
      • We plan to disable this buff again at the start of the Chinese New Year event, after players have had enough time to earn some Perfection Points.
    • Levers can now no longer be operated over a long distance (not even by pets).
    • Attacks from fellow players/monsters are now calculated and displayed within 18 → 25 spaces.
    • Fixed a bug where the cooldown reduction of ‘Piercing Howl’ of the Partner Specialist Cards Foxy + Fiona was not calculated correctly if other effects with cooldown reduction were already active.
    • The Rage bar of the Waterfall Berserker has been restored and should now be displayed correctly.

    The NosTale Team