Changes to the Champion Blessing Amulet (Random)

  • Dear players,

    Starting tomorrow, Saturday 17th September, the Champion Blessing Amulet (Random) available in the Item Shop will receive a little update. From now on, when you purchase them, they won't occupy single slots in your inventory, but they will stack in a single slot saving you a lot of space!

    But this is not the only change. The stackable item in your inventory will have the name Sealed Champion Blessing Amulet (Random), which is not exactly the functional item. To get the actual item that you use for your upgrades, you must double-click the Sealed Amulet stack first and this will give you one standard non-stackable Amulet, which you can use then as you used to do.

    Both items will be tradable and a non-stackable Amulet can't be converted into a stackable one.

    The NosTale Team