International Server Launch

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    The wait is nearly over: the new international server INT-Asgobas launches on 25th August! Look forward to exciting challenges to master every week – the Raid Challenges!

    Plus enjoy powerful boosts during the first month, and chat to your friends in your own language on the server.

    The Raid Challenges

    Play for the special ‘NosJewels’ event currency on the new international server by completing raid challenges. In the NosMall you’ll find a new category where you can use NosJewels to buy rewards such as powerful wings, titles, potions and more! Please note that there are some items which you can only purchase on the new server.

    During the event, you can explore up to 10 different event raids. Each entry requires a raid seal, which you can acquire from the NosMall (for free). The event starts off with 2 active raids for which you will be rewarded with points. These will remain active for 2 weeks and 2 more raids will be added each week. There are a maximum of 4 active raids at any time for which you can receive points.

    The points for raids are awarded as follows:

    • You have completed a raid in the given time → 10 points
    • Complete one of the active raids 10 times → 25 points
    • Complete a certain number of raids over the entire event period → 75 points (all raids count towards this challenge)
    • Complete a certain number of Time-Spaces from level 30 over the entire event period → 75 points

    You receive NosJewels as a reward for completing the respective mission. Should you not collect your rewards in time, you will be automatically credited with your points at midnight.

    Further Benefits

    Start your new adventure and enjoy the following benefits during the first month:

    • Double EXP
    • Double Family EXP
    • Double Drop Rate
    • Double Gold Drop

    Plus the following boost is permanent:

    • Tart Hapendam’s Martial Arts

    Server Language

    The new international server won’t have any language region restrictions, providing 7 different channels. That means you can make an exciting new start, and experience everything in your own language, thanks to the multi-language client.