Gameforge Authenticator App question

  • Hey folks,

    So i have an issue. I deleted Authentication App from my phone. Now, if i want to play Nos, it tells me: "You can find your confirmation code in the Gameforge Authenticator App" - which is fine, only thing is, there is no option to "log in" in the app.

    Basically, i can't log in because i just reinstalled the app on the phone, and am not logged in. Whenever i click on "log in with account" it tells me "two factor authentication has already been activated on this account."

    And i can't scan the QR-code because i can't log in the Gameforge account to get the QR-code.... Basically it's a loop, i can't get out. I need the code from the app to log in, but i need to log in to get the QR code :S


  • Dear Crunks,

    For your issue, you have to contact Gameforge support for that

    At contact support, please choose Gameforge Authenticator

    Also, please answer these following question when you contact them.

    - Device manufacturer and model:

    (e.g.: Samsung Galaxy S10)

    - Device Name:

    (The name you gave the device)

    - Approximate date on which you activated the two-factor authentication:[/list]