Ticket System Maintenance - 30.06.2022

  • Hey everyone,

    this coming Thursday we'll perform a maintenance on our ticket system. Since this website is used by all of our games, all users are (indirectly) affected.

    What does that mean exactly?

    While the maintenance is ongoing, you will be unable to create new tickets. Likewise, we will be unable to answer ongoing tickets for the duration. Tickets sent in before the maintenance are unaffected and stay active.

    Visiting the website during the maintenance will award you with a maintenance message, just in case you have forgotten this post until Thursday.

    When exactly is this happening?

    We do not have a precise timeslot, but you can expect a start in the morning hours (~7-9am). Since this is the first maintenance of this tool in quite some time we don't have a time estimate, though for the time being we are planning with an expected downtime of several hours. When everything is done you will of course be informed.

    Thank you for your understanding!