Weekly Maintenance - 04.05.2022

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    Hey NosPlayers,

    on Wednesday we will have our weekly maintenance.

    When exactly?

    Wednesday, May 4th 2022 from 09:00 until approximately 12:00 CEST. Our gameservers, as well as some of our services, will be unavailable during that time.

    What is being changed?

    • [Event] Easter event, part 1 ends (Chicken Queen + Mad Hare raid). Related event items will be deleted with the maintenance.
    • [Event] Easter event, part 2 starts (Hongbi & Cheongbi raid).
    • [Change] The Balance patch for Seer, Berserker, Draconic Fist and some adjustments to other Specialists will be applied. A detailed list of all changes can be found here (English only): https://nostale.comastuff.com/EN_Balance%20changes.pdf
    • [Change] Reworked Witch Laurena raid:
      • You can now only deal up to 20.000 damage to the witch and any summoned enemies
      • Reduced the amount of spawned Caligors' from 1/2/2/2/2 (every 19% HP lost) to 1/2/3 (every 25% HP lost)
      • Reduced the amount of gold dropped when the raid finishes from 30x 40.000~41.000 gold to 30x 26.000~27.000 gold.
      • Significantly increased raid rewards: You now receive 2 perfection stones instead of one. SP9 perfection stones were added. Removed Shining Blue Souls. Added Full Moon Crystals. Increased amount of gems.
      • Adjusted the amount of members allowed in a raid party to reach certain rewards: 1-29/30-39/40 -> 1-19/20-29/30-40
      • Doubled the drop rate of Soul Slivers in the Unknown Land.
      • You can now receive 3x Cleansing Powder as a reward from the Daily Quest "Vanquishing Witch Laurena (Daily)"
    • [Change] Added a new name and icon to every single raid box in the game. Please note that all boxes acquired before this change are not affected by this.
    • [Change] Increased the requirements to wear the Fisherman Specialist card: Required joblevel 50 -> 80, Required fame 19.001 -> 500.001
    • [Change] Reduced the minimum level required to accept the Act 8 quest from level 90 to level 88. (You still need Champion level 10 to enter the Celestial Lair)
    • [Change] Increased the selling value for Triceratops Bone Necklaces from 95.000 gold to 200.000 gold
    • [Change] Dragons in the Land of Living can no longer be forcibly moved through certain skills
    • [Change] Runes are now saved when converting a weapon using the "Sequential options" option (for example when crafting a c80 weapon out of a c65 weapon).
    • [Bugfix] It was not possible to activate the Premium Battle Pass during the reward phase. Thus, with this patch, the reward phase will be extended by another week to allow players to claim their rewards.
    • [Change] The Battle Pass task that asks you to upgrade your equipment/Specialist cards will now also count failed attempts.
    • [Change] Added a confirmation window when using the inventory sort feature to avoid accidental use of it
    • [Change] You can now only enter the Valehir raid when having at least 1x "Anti-Venom Potion" in your inventory.
    • [Change] You can now only enter the Alzanor raid when having at least 1x "Anti-Cold Potion" in your inventory.
    • [Change] You can now only enter the Witch Laurena raid when having at least 1x "Cleansing Powder" in your inventory.
    • [Bugfix] Fixed an issue which was causing channels to crash under very specific circumstances.
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug which caused buffs with debuff resistance to not work as intended (including masks, helmets and Crystal wings).
    • [Bugfix] Subsequently also fixed a bug which caused buffs with increased chance to receive debuffs to not work as intended. They will now increase the debuff chance additively. So if a boss has a 98% chance to resist debuffs, and he gets hit with an effect that increases the chance for debuffs by 10%, he will now have an 88% chance to receive bad effects.
    • [Change] Following up on this, some buffs have had their effects adjusted:
      • Glacerus the Ice Cold's "Violent Roar": Chance to receive a debuff is increased by 200% -> 25%
      • Demon Warrior SP's "This judgement causes worlds to perish": Chance to receive a debuff is increased by 30% -> 20%
      • C80 staff's debuff "Dragon Curse": Chance to receive a debuff is increased by 20% -> 10%
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug which caused the ultimate skills from the "Master Wolf" SP card to become unusable under certain conditions.
    • [Bugfix] Armor rune upgrades were consuming incorrect items during certain upgrade stages.
    • [Bugfix] The "Elite Glacial Ghost Stag" were sometimes casting the "Cold" debuff on themselves instead of on enemies.

    The NosTale Team

  • Maintenance done and servers back open.

    Please note that there are two known issues we weren't able to tackle today, we'll touch upon those at a later time:

    - While the timer for the Battlepass was extended, it doesn't display the remaining time correctly in most languages. You have until next Wednesday, 23:59:59.

    - The Laurena Raid currently does not drop its best raid box (the one where most of the new rewards are in).