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  • Chaosbringer -

    your old avatar was so cool

    • darkness-metal -

      dw im updating it soon ;s if i have time.

  • SYS48 -

    i see you !!!!!!!!!!

  • Pinkamena -

    Can i stalk him too ?
    The stalking trio lol.

  • Gone -

    I feel you Galaco :D

  • ~Galaco~ -

    But I really want to stalk xD

  • Pinkamena -

    The Easter event had ended, why you still keep that descrption :huh:

    or do you use Internet Explorer [size=10] [/size]:P[size=10] [/size]

    • darkness-metal -

      im just lazy to change it.... and no.... why use slow internet explorer!!! better google chrome..

  • Lolox123 -

    Ho ho ho

  • ~Galaco~ -

    Nice costumized forum title :P

  • Ruff -

    but i really want to find the egg xD