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    [size=8][i][b][color=#99ffff]Hello! Nice to meet you![/color][/b][/i][/size] :)

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    Hiiii, please come back fast alt A

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    hey fry, can u get a me a siggy using this pic?


    And make the text say this: Don't call me a noob, I got cookies

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    Laugh till you fart and never regret? AWESOME.

  • lllllll -

    Hello Fyriel.

    Im sorry that my list of friends in the forum are deleted.

    I think I hit the wrong button.

    Anyway, thank you for invited me as a friend, I would like to see you in game :)

    P.S : This is a small information from Nostale EX in korea.

    There will be coming Act 5 part 2 soon. It would be more fun :)

    however, act 5 is too far away from me :(

  • Shaku -

    Hiii I was here ^^
    Nice profile & saved the pic because it's awesome and true! :)

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    [font='Comic Sans MS, sans-serif'][b][color=#00ffff]NYAN CAT YAY :D :!: [/color][/b][/font]


    I was here:)

    Fyriel, you really love cats I think... :thumbsup:

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    Frozen was here ~ Wondering why your profile is naked. o.o

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    Losr Prophet is playing Guest Book tag! I tagged you so now you have to go to my book and tag me back!

    ~Super Friendly~
    Lost Prophet!

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    I know this isn't facebook, but, *likes your profile.* Tis epic.

  • DissolveMe -

    [color=#009999]Nice thread....but...there is some controversy on ur post. Just to let u know, I'll just pick the bad ones.[/color] :pinch:

    5. Asian girls with long black hair HATE being called The Grudge or the girl from The Ring8. Same goes for Asian guys and being called Grudge boy.
    [color=#009999](I don't see anyone calling Asians the "Grudge ppl." ) :P[/color]
    14, 15, and 16. [color=#009999]
    (It's common, but most Asians r good at Math over other races, so the Non-Asians created this stereotype.)
    [/color]17. Just to let you know, it’s NOT funny when you tape your eyes up and start speaking gibberish. That just gives us another reason to kick your ass.
    [color=#009999](Swearing is not allowed plus the non-Asians just guess.) >.>[/color]
    20. Don’t fold your hands and bow at us like you know what you’re doing cause honestly you look like an idiot.
    [color=#009999](This applies to only to Japanese ppl.)[/color]
    22. Chopsticks are the perfect utensil and the easiest to wash.
    [color=#009999](Nah and I'm an Asian and still prefer forks and spoons over chopsticks because ppl have to gobble food a lot w/ chopsticks.) [/color]:pinch:

    [color=#009999]I like to be the critic, so don't be too hard on my words. [/color]:dash:

    • Fyriel -

      Well, it never was meant to be controversy. It was just a post for fun.
      I didn't typed this. Just so you know.

      But, most of it are kinda true.
      So, try not to be offend of it so much. =)

      I'd like to point out some of your comments are a lil controversy too =p
      eg. (this applies to only Japanese ppl) and (...the Non-Asians created this stereotype).

  • Ira~LordOfNubs -

    Nice list
    where's the like button? :o