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    my nostale account in Us server USTMECHDOG has just accidentially sell the 5s shining divine glove to a npc (malcolm mix). May I get it back please? I just got it today :( Sorry for causing your inconvenience. I really hope that I can get the equippment back :((

    • Steffie -

      Hi there.

      You have to send a ticket so we can try to refund the item.


      thx a lot!!!

  • Naerys -

    Hello, nice avatar :)

    • Steffie -

      Thank you, few months later... xDD

  • Poro -

    Hi! Welcome :3 I Like your Ava <3 Hope you have fun here. :D

    • Steffie -

      Thank you so much! <3

  • Warrior19 -

    Hi and welcome! <3

    • Steffie -

      Thanks! :P