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  • Senak -

    I miss you ♥ ;(

  • DenisK3000 -

    I need help! I stayed up for a long time grinding my SP3 quest and just when I finished the last quest and was about to receive my SP, and I CLICKED CANCEL! I WANT TO KILL MYSELF! IS THERE ANY WAY TO REVERT THE QUEST PLEASE I DONT WANNA GO THROUGH THAT HELL AGAIN ;(

  • Naerys -

    Dragons are best :love:

  • Blacky -


  • ~Galaco~ -

    [color=#ff0000][size=24][b]*hugs the dragon*[/b][/size][/color] :love: :love:

  • ~Galaco~ -


  • Senakhtenre -


    That's exactly what I wanted :<<

  • Senakhtenre -

    We miss you in IRC :love:

  • Zaezae -

    Congrats ! :D

  • Pinkamena -

    Pinky there Wish you a warm welcome and all the best ^^