Greeley вiԍ scᴀяу моᴎᴤтer!

  • from Normandy SR-2
  • Member since Jul 2nd 2013
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  • Zeit'Sypien~ -

    Greeley i need talk with you

  • SeraphieXX -

    Hello i'm having this random DC problem ever since the latest patch or recently come on and my country is at Malaysia and it's not only me that having this problem. Even my friend in same country also having this problem. Can you please find a solution?

  • Choupinette -

    Even if Greeley hate everyone he is a good boy !!!

    <Choup|sucre|s4|uk> but you are a scary monster right?
    <@Greeley> always
    <Choup|sucre|s4|uk> lies !
    <Choup|sucre|s4|uk> " Nice to see you here, my dear. <3 Thanks a lot! "
    <Choup|sucre|s4|uk> you are great boy :p
    <@Greeley> just when I'm trying hard to be nice :dash:

    Welcome as SGM 8)