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  • ~Galaco~ -

    Helloooo Solstice!

    • Solstice` -

      Sorry, I missed this the last time I was here! :(

  • Pinkamena -

    Heh, why cookies when you can have muffins?

    • Solstice` -

      Why just have muffins when you could have BOTH!

  • Axellerater -


    • Solstice` -


  • Axellerater -

    This little Guestbook missed me. Awww <3

    • Solstice` -

      Oops just noticing this now.

      It.. did? They can do that? [s]Didn't it just forget you?[/s] I mean *cough* of course it did. *straight-faced*

      In all seriousness though, where have you been?! I never see you around the forums any more :c

  • Lolox123 -

    *sigh* my guestbook is empty :<

  • Axellerater -

    Everything is AWESOME!

    • Solstice` -

      Everything is cool when[b] you're part of a [u]team[/u][/b]~~
      Everything is awesome!
      When we're living our dream!~~~

      Axel! You should make this the (un)official song of the Support Team! And then make a video to it and post it on youtube! (And yaay, publicity for Nos and all that--- and more importantly, amusement of the rest of us!!)

      I have my priorities straight, as you can tell.

  • Axellerater -

    I want to be the only one stalking you.

    I want to keep you all for myself. :o

    • Solstice` -

      No way! I belong to myself first and foremost!


  • Axellerater -

    All aboard the stalk train! Destination: Solstice ! :3

    • Solstice` -

      Uh, no.

      Trains are heavy you know.

      And travelling at fast speeds.

      With high velocity.

      And high momentum.

      They don't stop suddenly well.

      And it'd hurt to get hit by one.

      So with that said, *[i]runs away from the approaching train*[/i]
      (Hehe, I think I'm having more success recruiting people to stalk you than you are me :D)

  • Axellerater -

    *stalks more*

    • Solstice` -

      *shares a cookie with you for your efforts in stalking so far*
      What a dedicated forum-stalker you are :D

  • Axellerater -

    You're still online here! Grrr!

    • Solstice` -

      Stalking me, Axel? xD
      There's a time delay between logging out and it showing that you're logged out :P (I've been confused by that too ><). After they've logged out though, it no longer tells you what they're currently browsing, but I think that's the only way to tell.