Pinned World of spam rules

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  • World of spam rules

    *No double posting within the time period of 24 hours.

    * No flaming, insulting, vulgarity, sexist or racist remarks

    * Posting unnecessary emoticons is not allowed.

    * No more than 5 pictures may be placed inside any single post.
    Pictures can't exceed measures:
    Height: 400 px
    Width: 400 px
    and a file size of 100 kb each

    It is preferable to link picture or add it like attachment, than posting it.

    * The board team holds the right to censor threads. This will be marked in the relevant post.

    *If you post in a game thread be on topic otherwise you will be warned for spam

    * The Staff reserves the right to change rules when they deem it necessary.

    NOTICE: Main Forum Rules applies on this section also.