[21/5–24/5/19] For True Treasure Hunters: Skeleton Key Boxes with Benefits

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    • [21/5–24/5/19] For True Treasure Hunters: Skeleton Key Boxes with Benefits

      NosTale News wrote:

      #####Treasure chests contain amazing riches, but sometimes they can be hard to open. Fortunately that’s not a problem for people with Treasure Chest Skeleton Keys. Thanks to the 3 new boxes, you can stock up on these keys… and if lady luck is smiling, you’ll reap twice the amount!#####

      Between 21st and 24th May 2019 (11 AM CEST), you can pick up Skeleton Keys in the NosMall – the perfect tool for veritable treasure hunters!

      The Skeleton Key Boxes are available in three different sizes:

      • Small Skeleton Key Boxes contain 10 Treasure Chest Skeleton Keys
      • Medium Skeleton Key Boxes contain 20 Treasure Chest Skeleton Keys
      • Large Skeleton Key Boxes contain 50 Treasure Chest Skeleton Keys

      When you buy a box, you have the chance to get twice the amount of keys contained. The chances of success depend on the size of the bundle.

      A different number of keys are required to open treasure chests depending on rarity.

      Good treasure hunting!
      The NosTale Team

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