Mother Nature thread

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    • Mother Nature thread

      Notice: Not to be confused with RULES OF NATURE V1. This is a completely different thread.

      hello, i would like to make this thread so we could share videos, pictures, interesting facts.. etc or just have a small chat in general about mother nature. this could be anything that is considered "nature" as in animals, plants, from the bottom of the oceans and up until the skies and anything in between.

      i'll start us off by something i find a bit funny. (inspired by a recent post jekyll made so thanks for reminding me about it!).

      Dolphins use puffer fish toxin to get high

      and here are some "boring" (i personally find it interesting) facts about puffer fish:
      Display Spoiler

      Common Name: Pufferfish
      Scientific Name: Tetraodontidae
      Type: Fish
      Diet: Carnivore
      Group Name: School
      Size: Up to 3 feet
      Size relative to a teacup:

      About Pufferfish
      Biologists think pufferfish, also known as blowfish, developed their famous “inflatability” because their slow, somewhat clumsy swimming style makes them vulnerable to predators. In lieu of escape, pufferfish use their highly elastic stomachs and the ability to quickly ingest huge amounts of water (and even air when necessary) to turn themselves into a virtually inedible ball several times their normal size. Some species also have spines on their skin to make them even less palatable.

      A predator that manages to snag a puffer before it inflates won’t feel lucky for long. Almost all pufferfish contain tetrodotoxin, a substance that makes them foul tasting and often lethal to fish. To humans, tetrodotoxin is deadly, up to 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide. There is enough toxin in one pufferfish to kill 30 adult humans, and there is no known antidote.

      As Food
      Amazingly, the meat of some pufferfish is considered a delicacy. Called fugu in Japan, it is extremely expensive and only prepared by trained, licensed chefs who know that one bad cut means almost certain death for a customer. In fact, many such deaths occur annually.

      There are more than 120 species of pufferfish worldwide. Most are found in tropical and subtropical ocean waters, but some species live in brackish and even fresh water. They have long, tapered bodies with bulbous heads. Some wear wild markings and colors to advertise their toxicity, while others have more muted or cryptic coloring to blend in with their environment.

      They range in size from the 1-inch-long dwarf or pygmy puffer to the freshwater giant puffer, which can grow to more than 2 feet in length. They are scaleless fish and usually have rough to spiky skin. All have four teeth that are fused together into a beak-like form.

      The diet of the pufferfish includes mostly invertebrates and algae. Large specimens will even crack open and eat clams, mussels, and shellfish with their hard beaks. Poisonous puffers are believed to synthesize their deadly toxin from the bacteria in the animals they eat.

      Theats to Survival
      Some species of pufferfish are considered vulnerable due to pollution, habitat loss, and overfishing, but most populations are considered stable.

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    • Morgoth wrote:

      Gandalof wrote:

      Notice: Not to be confused with RULES OF NATURE V1. This is a completely different thread.
      I think otherwise so thread closed.
      Reported for Mod abuse, now I can no longer post nature vids on this thread ! Shame on you !
      Anyway , Nat Geo Wild had made a documentary about the life cycle of an very interesting animal ! Check this out !

      ''my naem is furret
      my body longg
      i hav cute face
      and lil tongue
      when i sad
      and no-one wans to talk
      i set of
      i hav a walk

      somtimes it go verry long
      i do not care
      i walk an walk
      i see the world
      i see it all
      becos i walk
      and then i gon
      big boom roket
      took me up
      bacc to planet
      of the starsz''
      Isnt Mother Nature amazing ?
      ~All the things she said ~
      ~All the things she said~
      ~Running through my head~
      ~Running through my head~