[16–23/5/19] Spread Your Wings!

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    • [16–23/5/19] Spread Your Wings!

      NosTale News wrote:

      #####For a limited time only: sprout some amazing wings!
      Archangel, Archdaemon, Blazing and Ice Wings – these epic items make you faster and increase one of your elements by 10.#####

      In case you’re wondering whether the new Martial Artist can wear these wings, the answer is a resounding YES!

      Heroes can choose from these four sets of wondrous wings:

      • Archangel Wings
      • Archdaemon Wings
      • Blazing Fire Wings
      • Frosty Ice Wings

      But you’d better be quick as a flash – these amazing wings will disappear from the shop next week!

      Source: en-blog-nostale.gameforge.com/16-23-5-19-spread-your-wings/