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    I open this topic to discuss about if Nostale should introduce HERO LVL to our current ranking.

    I've been the 1st 99 of US Cylloan because I love to check every day the ranking and see how fast was my improvement compared to other players growth. But with Hero lvl I can't do that and also many players lose their motivation to increase it due to the lack of a ranking where their progress could be shared. Moreover, although Hero Lvl is the most difficult level to increase, there is no ranking where you can see in which position you are and who are the players with the highest level.

    On the one hand this problem could be fixed easily adding the complete information of all char levels in the ranking:


    Top1 99+50
    Top2 97+50
    Top3 94+47
    Top4 98+36
    Top5 91+29

    As you can see the main level would be the hero one instead of the normal one. The reason of that is not only the difficulty, it is because of the "late-game" orientation to hero lvl.

    On the other hand this problem could be fixed easily adding another ranking of only Hero lvl:


    Top1 - 50
    Top2 - 49
    Top3 - 43
    Top4 - 38

    As you can see the ONLY level shown in this ranking would be the hero one.

    What do you think about that?
    The main difference between PvE and PvP player is that the first one fights vs himself to achieve his best version of himself while the second one just wanna be better than others.