Scheduled Maintenance – 10.04.2019 (9:00h CEST)

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    • Scheduled Maintenance – 10.04.2019 (9:00h CEST)

      Hey NosPlayers,

      Tomorrow we will have a scheduled maintenance.

      When exactly? Wednesday April 10th 2019 from 09:00h to approximately 12:00h CEST. Both the game servers and the website will be unavailable during that time.
      What will be changed?
      • Changes in the Mad Easter rabbit raid:
        • The raid boss now has a lower chance of causing [blackout]
        • Egg bombs (which have to be thrown at the boss) are now staying for a longer time before exploding
        • New rewards are now available in the raid box: Perfection stones (all 8 types) and Rudolph trainer
      • A skill from the "Mad Easter Rabbit" Partner Specialist, "Strengthen Willpower", will be changed: The effect "80% chance of removing all bad effects up to level 3" will be added on S
      • Family Ranking: To avoid abuse, PvP points in Frozen Crown are not obtained anymore if a character was killed too often (same as for reputation)
      • [Bugfix] Old Easter event quests will be added
      • [Bugfix] One of the Easter event quests at Malcolm was asking for a wrong item name in FR and ES (Soul Gem instead of Soul Gem Refiner)
      • [Bugfix] Golden Cloud pet had a wrong defence effect: It said "increases received attacks" instead of decreasing them

      Your NosTale-Team