[9/4–15/4] Spread Your Mega Titan Wings!

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    • [9/4–15/4] Spread Your Mega Titan Wings!

      NosTale News wrote:

      #####A bundle of mysterious chests has appeared out of nowhere on the shelves in the NosMall: Titan Wings Random Boxes! Open one to get your hands on the mighty Mega Titan Wings for your specialist or one of many other great surprises – you might even find Rusty Robby inside one of these boxes!#####
      The mysterious wings increase your damage in PvP by 3% and make you even more agile!

      These breathtaking wings change their appearance depending on your specialist card’s upgrade level. Once you reach level +15, they grant you a chance of unlocking a buff which offers the following effects for 12 seconds:

      • Complete protection against critical damage
      • Damage reflection
      • Increased movement speed

      The Titan Wings Random Box contains 1 of these fantastic surprises:

      • Mega Titan Wings
      • Rusty Robby
      • 15x Gourmet Pet Food
      • 30x Soulstone Blessing
      • 60x Cylloan Spring Water
      • 10x Lower SP Protection Scroll
      • 10x Higher SP Protection Scroll
      • 5x Tarot Card Game
      • 30x Sealed Vessels
      • 10x Treasure Chest Skeleton Key

      Good luck!
      The NosTale Team

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