WTB: CH LVL BOOKS (with prices)

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    • WTB: CH LVL BOOKS (with prices)


      I want to buy the following books, if you have any of them and you want to sell it to me, please send a note to Delox or whisper me in-game if i'm ON. The prices are not my maximum, but are really orientative. But if you want to sell it at the moment, accept my offer:
      • +80 agility ch 38 book -> 10M
      If I buy any of these books or I change my offer, I will edit this post.

      [Last edit: 09:33 - 23/04/2019]
      The main difference between PvE and PvP player is that the first one fights vs himself to achieve his best version of himself while the second one just wanna be better than others.

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