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      ~Galaco~ wrote:

      Pinkamena wrote:

      Dosen't really matter, Netherlands Won !!!!!!!!
      Iceland finished 10th out of 26 tho, which is very good ! Maybe there is some spark for anarchism in Europe, XD.
      I know that neither of you are active anymore but Congratulations ! @Luxx and @~Galaco~
      AMSTERDAM 2020.
      I had a feeling you would ping me lol.I doubt it will be Amsterdam though, the people who announce it probably don't know our country consists of more than Amsterdam
      Well , the candidate cities are (+possibly another candidate from Noord-Brabant) ;
      Amsterdam - The Capital and most populated city.
      Rotterdam - Perfect Host City if they are going for an aquatic theme like Lisbon, and even better then Lisbon as Rotterdam is the largest port of Europe.
      The Hague - The unofficial Capital of the Netherlands, perfect for showcasing dutch culture and maybe a royalty theme ?
      Maastricht - This one isn't popular but its personally very important for me , Maastricht is relevant for anyone that study European relations , its a backbone for E.U. thx to Maastricht Threaty , this one would possibly make the perfect host city for 2020 as EU theme Eurovision. But I doubt as its significantly poorer then the upper 3.
      Utrecht, Arnhem, Zwolle. - Never heard of these 3 sorry. lol.
      But whatever City is decided it wont make it less joyfull for me.
      Im looking forward for the ESC 2020 and what Netherlands have in store for us ! <3
      ~All the things she said ~
      ~All the things she said~
      ~Running through my head~
      ~Running through my head~