Sheep Farm / Bushi king / Meteor Raid seal`s

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    • I don't really agree... What makes them useless exactly?

      That you can't sell them to people who actually want them?(just means you don't want them, not useless)

      That it is a pain in the.... Donkey.... To farm on alts and do solo? You can't exactly stop others from joining anyway so i don't see much point in making it harder to do with alts, but making this more tedious to do isn't what I'd call a bad thing.

      That you can't give them to other ppl so you can do some raids together because the donkey decided to throw all theirs away or just straight up not pick them up so even though you literally have hundreds and found ppl willing to play with you you still can't since they don't have seals? Yeah being able to trade would help here, but so would them picking up the plentiful seals instead of leaving them and throwing them away all the time....

      A lack of community interest (which i don't understand cuz the prizes are sweet) is the only thing hurting these raids. Not being able to trade is annoying, but it mostly just annoys people trying to solo with alts. Which it should.....
    • Yeah i wanna said i cant trade seals to my alts and its very anoying becouse this raid`s was good think to earn money by low lvl ppl and now this raids is usless becouse meybe per month will do a few raids becouse cant spend x time on drop acorn`s