Character customisation suggestion

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    • Character customisation suggestion

      It's 2019 outside and I believe current level of technology is able to integrate more customisation features. It doesn't take much effort even for a 'regular' person to recolour something,which would be a pretty easy job for the whole team? Right now most effective items (like costumes) have little to zero alternatives. Sure, you can use costume fusion item to make it look differently with desirable effects (which is hella bugged, reverses when amulet (tarot, for instance) ends) but whoa, females don't have a costume that protects against ranged attacks, and some items cannot be fused because of different gender requirements (f+u/m+u/m+f is impossible to combine).
      Every other popular game out there has some kind of customisation, and it would be fine with current stuff if it wasn't the fact that you can show your costumisation only without sp, which means while you are afk in the city or having fun without sp. I personally don't like this about nostale when everyone is like copy-paste looking (a high-end game content archer in pvp is pretty much +15 scout with onyx wings and 80% water fairy of 4 "types" ( I also want to rant on fernon fairy being almost impossible (hence immensely costly,on german s1 it's 6mil per unit) to craft because water essences are rare to get and you need a freaking 100 of them, but it's off the topic :huh: ))
      Honestly, recolouring would make it more random, for example purple skinned scout with somekind of modified or 'upgraded' wings of a different colour available for selection would look damn cool and there would be so many possibilities to make it different from the other person based on personal preferences ( I just explained customisation, you are welcome :love: ) Don't tell me pls that scout is green for a reason that nature is green and because his skillset is green; recolouring solves all these issues when some effort has been put,just put the whole skillset into paint and change hue - basic recolouring for the skillset, the only problem is integration, which is 100% programming/scripting. I would like to start a discussion on the topic with whatever is left of forum.

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      I know you guys like to spam so much :rolleyes: I do, too, but let's not flood this thread with senseless "where is the dislike button" comments and alike.

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