Filtering Damage Option

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    • Filtering Damage Option

      at hitting monsters there is too many damage shown on enemy. for example on raids. can we change these. Shown only your hits for example can be a option. Also my pets partners not hit good too :D i dont want see their damage too.

      there is a option for healing effects added long time ago . why not for attack damages ?

      extra: you can remove maybe miss/critic warnings too. i am hitting critic but i cant see how much i hit while i see that critic word(i see but if there is too much damage you cant catch it). they block each others.
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    • I would rather ask for expansion of 65k damage limit. It was obviously almost impossible to reach back when the game was global and stuff, but now in end game content, in pve most often, with buffs you can get over 65k dmg and it would just look "fixed".It might be a good idea to start fixing some small ingame issues like that.
    • I think that both ideas sound good initially but I think the expansion idea needs to be discussed more thoroughly. Increasing the damage cap also benefits certain sps (sin 1 hit with charge, scout full buff, etc.) Yes for PvE its beneficial to all, but for PvP it makes certain sps more unbalanced (possibly benefiting sword+archer more due to crit?)

      The filtering damage option would be good if you have fps lag during huge events (massive population on nos?!) or due to a bad pc/laptop. I think it specifically helps out in FC raids, cali, ic, etc where activity points are an issue and you would want to know how much damage you to do to roughly know activity points.
    • ariyoshi wrote:

      I think the reason an activity point counter isnt shown/added is to keep people from abusing alts.
      not really, the reason it's not there is because they didn't bother putting it in. this is something that improves quality of life for normal players mostly. people who have strong enough alts for fc raids or ic won't be really affected that much.

      but this can help a lot for things like when there is a big family that has a lot of differences in power in their members and they are doing fc raids, the strong players will know when to stop once they get the needed action points and let weaker players have them. then, when everyone got enough points.. everyone attacks.
    • It also helps a player gauge whether they are strong enough to reach the action point goal yet or not(and test whether certain skills are worth using action point wise, such as Seer's dmg debuff that doesnt inflict direct dmg) so they dont keep trying over and over wasting their time when they never seem to reach the goal anyway. Overall it helps players on the weaker side know when they are ready to participate, and how best to participate.

      Also, why they gotta hate on holy mage so much

      Besides, so the stronger players got enough action points in IC and then went afk. How is this a bad thing exactly? It just lets the weaker players get action points instead of them wiping everything too fast. You can't honestly expect me to believe they won't help at all, they aren't trying to fail the IC after all(else those action points become useless).

      I just don't see where this alt abuse thing would matter, you talking specifically FC family raids or something? Pretty sure nobody cares if someone's alts stopped attacking, they would probably prefer it actually as it allows the points to be spread around more.

      The only thing not having a counter does is encourage stronger players to take all the points for themselves. They can still do this regardless, but not having the counter encourages it as they never know if they have gotten enough and nobody wants to risk missing out.

      Damage filter would definitely helps the slower computers in the heavily populated zones... Just yesterday in the woa round of IC my computer seemed to freeze when it first started as everyone attacked at once, i thought i was gonna disconnect at first... But it was just all the attacks going off at once. Overall i don't see much point in it though.

      If your main goal is to see how much damage you are doing, it'd probably be better to just display all attacks as a singular hit. Like WK ult for instance, it isn't like it is actually a bunch of smaller attacks in an area anyway. It hits each target only once, so show that 1 dmg source instead of acting like you hit the same guy a bunch of times in a row.
    • Ruff wrote:

      If your main goal is to see how much damage you are doing, it'd probably be better to just display all attacks as a singular hit. Like WK ult for instance, it isn't like it is actually a bunch of smaller attacks in an area anyway. It hits each target only once, so show that 1 dmg source instead of acting like you hit the same guy a bunch of times in a row.
      no i dont think this will be ok. For critic hits it will make problem i think.

      btw please dont speak more about action point counter. The main thread is damage filtering. not about damage counting or incresing limits etc.
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    • I am confused, how will only displaying 1 tick of damage from a WK ult on an enemy be a problem for critical hits....

      And whenever i get a crit my damage numbers aren't covered by the word crit, it just makes the numbers bigger with a distracting border.

      Maybe i just am not understanding the goal you are going for. Are you trying to much damage you deal, or how many enemies you hit with your aoe.... If it is about how many enemies you hit with your aoe, i don't really see the point to it.... And i doubt hiding damage numbers is really going to help amongst the swarm of animations anyway.
    • for wk ulti i dont remember how many times it hits but lets take it 10 times and %200damage

      it is hit normally 10 times 1k damage each if at there i get any critic , critic damage calculated from 1k and only for 1 hit = 2k critic hit

      at here 9 normal hit (9k)+ 1 critic hit (2k)= 11k damage

      but like you said 1 times 10k damage writing will change damage calculation. it will be 10k base damage =20k critic hit.

      a here 1 critic hit 20k = direct 20k.

      if you wk you get %10 chance from buff and %70from debuff and %14 ~ you have. this makes many critics and block your damage numbers.

      My goal is i want only see my damages on monster hits. For example they say at top caligor raid . there is too many damage on boss. But only some of them your damage. I cant see how much i hit. Or draco raid or others. I want see only my damages. also like they write this will make problem too for low computers lags etc.
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    • WK ult cant partially crit.... It isn't really multiple hit it is just 1 hit with multiplw dmg numbers for the "cool effect".

      An example of this, you can't miss half his ult damage and hit the other half(even if the target teleports away).

      You also cant crit part of the ult damage and not crit the rest.... So if you REALLY want to see your damage, they should adjust this effect and have it displayed as the 1 hit that it truly is.(unlike Seer ult that actually does multiple hits or destroyer fire mines)