Reminder – Account Security

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    • Reminder – Account Security


      As you may know, recently a big data breach was reported worldwide and unfortunately millions of email addresses and passwords have been compromised. You can read about it in many sites and newspapers (example).

      As a precaution, we would like to remind you:
      • Please make sure that your email address is secure. You can also check in known websites (such as "haveibeenpwned") if your account has been compromised.
      • Please choose a secure password and change it regularly.
      • Ideally, the password you use for your NosTale or Gameforge account should not be used anywhere else.
      • Never share your account password with anyone. Not even a Game Master should ask you for it.
      • Please be careful when using external sites. Never introduce your account information unless it is to log in our official platforms (website and game). You might see some selling or fake sites being advertised in game. The better option is not to click on those links and instead report them to our game team.
      Stay safe!
      Your NosTale Team