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    • Exchange bazaar

      We have nosbazaar which is things for buying. Why dont we have inverse nosbazaar called exchange for selling things?

      For example i am searching full moons. i want pay them each 50k (uk price) i open exchange bazaar offers for them. i put money to there. if someone want to sell something go to the this npc and click sell choose amount etc and sell and receive that money.

      A little detailed example for explaining :

      i have 600k money on my backpack. I want buy 10 Full moons 50k each. I go this npc and open a listing. i choose full moons from there (with writing searching area item name) later i put my price and write how many piece i want. For this example 50k and 10 piece. After i click list offer this npc takes 500k from me (also there can be medal for no tax , without medal it takes tax like %10 550k from me) and opens my exchange offer. After all these steps end my backpack has 100k (no tax paid) and i have 10 full moons offer online. When someone sell me 10 full moon that offer still stays there and i need go the npc and click receive. If noone sells i get my money back (tax not paid back). If there is partially sold to me i receive my full moons and remaining money.

      This can work easily on ETC and Main tab items, but at Sp's and items (weapon,armor shelled or not still stats different) not works good. these can be cannot listed at that npc. Player still need speaker for them. Or you can make detailed options for these too and works good with them too.

      I hope you like this idea thanks for reading.
      Member since Sep 12th 2007
    • I understand the initial idea however I dont think its necessary as there's already a convenient method - just note/whisper the seller of an item currently in basar. Furthermore, you listed the con as well - this method does not work for larger price items such as sps, and shelled weps.
    • yes but most used items for example cellas, huge pots, woas , full moons these can be very good. As you know people play from different time zones. this makes you cant find that player exact time. Also they can be at another account. Using speaker is waste time and money or they dont respond.

      For example i bought a bow skin last week. i see 2 offer on nosbazaar. send message one of them he go down 20m to 10m because the other one was selling 10m. tried to reach the other guy 2 days but cant reach. later i use speaker and bought that skin for 7m. 1 day later i see that other guy who i cant reach started selling it 5m. and 5m was what i was thinking to pay for it. i spend extra 2m. also i am now thinking to make 80+ acessories at catsy(or name something like it). it needs gold mushroom etc. there is 2 way for getting them. buy or do ts. ts stones can be count expensive because there is no %100chance drop mat. with this way i can buy ts stones or mats which it wants 99 piece. This can be very good for if you produce something and you need materials.
      Member since Sep 12th 2007
    • Honestly, I'd say its not a bad idea, but an example that you have is horribly wrong. If there was such an NPC and you'd had put 5m there looking for a skin, I really doubt any sellers would sell it for that price. Btw, he must have put it for 5m because you asked, but because he wasnt on for a certain time, you had lost patience and bought from a different person before the other one could respond. If there was an NPC he still would have needed to get into the game and check it, so it wouldn't have changed anything.
      And also adding a bit of rational thinking, this won't be implemented, so I guess the topic is dead.
    • if he dont waste his money he need cancel his listing than later maybe buy skin. There can be medal like Nosbazaar medal. If you dont like price dont sell. maybe other day price will increase or you can find who want to buy this thing. you can send note that player.
      Member since Sep 12th 2007