[From 7/2] Lucky in Games, Lucky in Love

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    • [From 7/2] Lucky in Games, Lucky in Love

      NosTale News wrote:

      #####With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, spin the NosWheel from 11 AM on Wednesday, 7th February and you can pick up a very special jackpot prize: Amora’s Specialist Partner Card! This improves the abilities of your loyal companion Amora, or any other ranged partner. It also provides light element damage.#####

      Amora’s Specialist Partner Card offers the following great attributes:

      • Reduces your opponent’s movement speed
      • Blocks opponents’ HP recovery
      • Provides a chance to reduce the opponent’s HP
      • Increases experience points earned by up to 15%
      • Provides a certain chance to reduce incoming damage

      But that’s not all! There are tons of other great prizes waiting to be won on the NosWheel.

      Main prizes

      Amora’s Specialist Partner Card
      Magic Student Yuna’s Partner Specialist Card
      Dracula Hat + Dracula Costume (Permanent)
      Zephyr Wings
      Magic Jaguar
      Mother Nature’s Rune Pack
      Little Princess Venus
      Onyx Wings

      Other prizes

      Polar Bear Snarl Bead
      Nossi’s Dragon Box
      Mega Titan Wings
      Karate Gi (Permanent)
      Zombikit Bride
      Skelekat Groom
      Karate Hairstyle (Permanent)
      Skin for Frigg
      Skin for Ragnar
      Skin for Erdimien
      Skin for Yertirand
      Skin for Jennifer
      Magic Bone Drake Chest
      Adventurer’s Knapsack (Permanent)
      Cowgirl Chloe
      Boxer Bushi
      Pet Basket (Permanent)
      Partner’s Backpack (Permanent)
      1x Specialist Partner Card Holder
      99x Angel’s Feather
      50x Gourmet Pet Food
      50x Partner Medicine
      20x Fairy Booster
      10x Tarot Card Game
      99x Sealed Vessels
      99x Full Moon Crystal
      20x Lumps of Gold + 500 NosDollars

      Remember you’ve got to spin it to win it!

      The NosTale Team

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